Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss Review

by The Diet Critic on March 22, 2019

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Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss is a non-prescription diet pill based on a single active ingredient. It markets itself as a powerful fat burner that also suppresses the appetite and acts as a carb blocker. Clearly, this is quite a lot to expect from a diet pill, particularly one that contains only one active ingredient. Therefore, it’s important to take a much closer look at this product before believing its claims, purchasing it or especially before using it.

The active ingredient in Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss, as the name suggests, is forskolin. Every capsule contains 300 milligrams of this substance, and each capsule makes up a single serving. The product description states that this amount will help the body to burn through white fat cells while shrinking your hunger and making it easier for the user to lose weight.

In its description on Amazon, it also states, in all caps, that it contains the “HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF FORSKOLIN,” though it’s not entirely clear what that means. If the product contains only one ingredient and that substance is forskolin, then that automatically means that it contains 100 percent forskolin as its ingredient. This would be the same for any supplement that contains that substance as its single ingredient. This suggests that either the marketing statements for this product were not made with a great deal of care, or that the company deliberately chose to make an empty statement in the hopes of convincing users to purchase the product.

While there are some early, preliminary studies suggesting that forskolin may be promising for use in diet pills, there is nothing in any reputable, published research to indicate that forskolin can produce the types of effects that this pill’s claims are promising. In fact, it has not been proven to be directly linked with weight loss. Therefore, while this may help to provide some support to a dieter already following a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise program, it is impossible for the manufacturer to honestly make the claims it does.

Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss Pros

  • Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss contains forskolin, a clinically researched ingredient
  • These pills are vegan friendly
  • This product can be easily purchased online

Advanced Strength Forskolin Weight Loss Cons

  • The manufacturer makes claims that it can’t support through published reputable research
  • Forskolin supplementation has not been directly associated with significant fat loss

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