Baby Food Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on December 23, 2014

Baby Food Diet
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Can you lose weight by eating baby food? According to proponents of the Baby Food Diet, that’s exactly what you can expect from this fad diet, which has been around for a few years and is believed to have been popularized and started by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity fitness trainer.

However, while it is possible to lose weight on the Baby Food Diet, it is actually considered to be more of a plan for those who want to keep the pounds they have already lost off. In other words, it is kind of like a weight maintenance plan for dieters who want to limit their calories and control their food portions.

Due to the fact that an average single jar of baby food is less than 100 calories, it seems to make sense that following a diet that requires you to eat baby food is a good way to reduce your calories and lose weight.

There is no one specific Baby Food Diet plan. However, there are two popular versions that tend to be followed the most. One version requires dieters to eat baby food throughout the day but have a regular dinner, while the other recommends eating 3 normal meals and replacing all other snacks with baby food. Since there are no official rules, it is up to the dieter how they choose to follow the diet.


Consuming a diet that is low in calories can lead to weight loss. There is a wide selection of different baby food products on the market, so there are plenty of flavors and foods to choose from. Furthermore, a lot of baby food is nutritious, as it is made up of pureed vegetables, fruits, and even meats.


Following this diet can be quite costly. A typical jar of baby food sells for $1.00 or more. When you consider that the average dieter can easily go through 12 or more jars of baby food per day, this cost adds up pretty quickly. Another major problem with this diet is that if baby food is used to replace normal meals, many dieters may not consume enough calories and this could lead to nutritional imbalances and lead to health problems.

Other adverse affects that may result from regularly ingesting baby food is it can cause gastrointestinal upset due to the fact that the body digests pureed foods quicker than solids. Food designed for babies is also high in sugar, which can cause sugar crashes in adults and may make them crave more sweets. Finally, the action of chewing food actually helps a person feel full; swallowing pureed food will not provide this same benefit and may not satisfy hunger.

The Baby Food Diet is not a realistic or healthy plan. If you are seeking a low-calorie diet plan, there are better diets for weight loss that you can consider.

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