Brown Fat Revolution Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on October 27, 2014

Brown Fat Revolution Diet review
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The Brown Fat Revolution Diet is a diet program and book from plastic surgeon and author James R. Lyons, MD. This diet is based on the premise that healthy fat (“brown fat”) keeps the human body youthful and firm and can lead to better health and weight loss. On the other hand, “yellow fat” makes a person appear flabby, soft and old before their time. According to the official site for this diet, “Brown fat makes us beautiful. Yellow fat makes us old.”

Dr. Lyons claims that his 4-week diet and exercise plan can help boost a person’s metabolism, develop lean muscle, and build brown fat. At the time this review was written, the official site states that Dr. Lyons has studied the body for over 30 years and after performing thousands of surgeries on women to make them look more youthful, he came to the realization that the majority of procedures involved the removal or rearrangement of body fat.

He also found that patients who engaged in healthy habits had brown fat (a deep tan-colored fat that was rich in blood supply and contained by tight fascia). He discovered that the surgical results were exceptional and lasted longer when he worked with this form of fat.

When following this diet program, dieters can eat all kinds of foods including whole-grain pastas, cereals, breads, as well as bread made from unbleached flour, high-carb fruits and starchy vegetables. Unsaturated fats and lean protein are also acceptable. A daily glass of wine and caffeine are allowed, but foods that are processed and contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and colors should be avoided.

Those who follow the program swap between “Protein Days” and “Carb Days” and they eat 6 times per day. Exercise is also worked into the program for the purpose of strengthening core muscles. Dieters are instructed to eat before and after exercise. Also, one day each week, program followers are permitted to eat what they want (within reason). In addition, Dr. Lyons recommends that those who follow his diet program take a daily vitamin-mineral supplement.


This diet plan is not highly restrictive, and allows dieters to eat a wide range of foods. The book also provides vegetarian and vegan options. The official website for the diet program contains useful information for dieters, including a blog that provides health, exercise and weight loss tips. This is a relatively inexpensive diet to follow. Aside from purchasing the book and regular grocery bills, inexpensive exercise equipment will need to be purchased, such as two exercise bungee cords, a padded ankle strap, a door anchor strap, etc.


The Brown Fat Revolution Diet is geared toward women and may not offer men the same benefits. On this diet, a person may be required to eat more than they are used to and this could take time to adjust. Followers are required to prepare food as all meals are to be made from scratch. Dr. Lyons is a plastic surgeon and not an expert in health and nutrition.

Before starting any diet for weight loss it is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider.

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