CHEATMeals Review

by The Diet Critic on July 27, 2020

CHEATMeals Review
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CHEATMeals may have caught your attention if you have been seeking an over-the-counter weight management aid that can help you block fat and block carbs. This nonprescription diet pill is the invention of Dr. Sam Robbins and is produced by HFL.

Robbins claims that he invented CHEATMeals himself back in 1998 so that he could occasionally “indulge” or “cheat” on his diet and enjoy some of his favorite “yummy” foods, without having to be concerned that he would gain weight, have digestive upset or feel guilty the following day. Robbins says that he tends to use his product when he goes to events or social gatherings (e.g. family gatherings, parties, business functions) where he knows it will be difficult to control what he eats.

A Patent Pending Proprietary Blend

The CHEATMeals formula is composed of a Patent Pending Proprietary Blend that consists of three different formulas as so:

Carbohydrate Blocking & Neutralizing Formula

  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • Glucomannan
  • Garcinia Cambogia

Fat Blocking & Neutralizing Formula

  • Chitosan
  • Cassia Nomame Extract

Digestion Enhancing Formula

  • Pancreatin
  • Papain

The suggested directions are to take 2–3 pills with two cups of water, 15-20 minutes before each meal that contains sugars, carbs and/or fats. This is apparently how Robbins uses his product to prevent weigh gain. Or you can take the pills daily before eating large meals containing sugar, carbs and fats to (according to Robbins) accelerate weight loss. Whichever method you choose, no more than 9 pills should be consumed within a 24-hour period.

Keep in mind that if you take the maximum 9 pills per day, one bottle (90 capsules) will last for only 10 days.

CHEATMeals Pros

  • Clinically researched ingredients – CHEATMeals does contain multiple ingredients that have been clinically studied for weight loss, including white kidney bean, glucomannan and chitosan. The common belief is that white kidney bean can help block the body from digesting carbohydrates, glucomannan can help to suppress appetite and chitosan can help to block fat.

CHEATMeals Cons

  • No clinical proof – The ingredients may have been researched, but they have never been clinically proven effective for aiding in or causing weight loss, with the majority of studies, including this one about chitosan, stating that the effect on body weight is minimal and not truly significant. The reality remains that more and longer studies are necessary to determine the safety and true effects of these ingredients. Moreover, CHEATMeals itself has never been studied.
  • Individual ingredient amounts are not listed – The product label shows that for each 1 capsule serving size there is 800.53 mg of the proprietary blend. However, it does not specify how much of each ingredient has been used within the blend, so there is no way to guess what type of an effect this formula will have on the body.
  • “Cheating” isn’t a sound weight management strategy – With the way that this product is advertised, it seems as though this diet pill was created to give users an excuse to eat junky meals instead of providing support for an overall healthy weight management dieting strategy. There is zero evidence that taking it will help to prevent weight gain or accelerate weight loss.
  • Not for those allergic to shellfish or who have blood sugar problems – Chitosan is derived from shellfish, so if you have a shellfish allergy you should avoid taking this product. Additionally, some of these ingredients can affect blood sugar. If you are diabetic or have blood sugar issues, it would be best to avoid this product.

Furthermore, it would be in your best interest to speak with your actual doctor before following the advice of Dr. Sam Robbins, if your intention is to take CHEATMeals.

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