Cinch Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on July 8, 2015

Cinch Diet review
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The Cinch Diet is a 30-day diet plan from Cynthia Sass, an acclaimed weight loss expert and registered dietician. In her book “Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches”, Sass provides a diet plan that is not focused on counting calories, provides followers with a strict daily meal plan, and allows a single small piece of dark chocolate per day, as well as helps dieters overcome emotional eating. The promise is that by following her plan, you’ll drop a dress size in one month.

The Cinch Diet is based on three basic rules:

Rule 1 – Eat four meals per day at the same time each day. The first meal should be consumed one hour after rising and the remaining meals should be spaced 3 to 5 hours apart. The theory is that by following this eating plan, it will help to boost metabolism, control hunger hormones, and blood sugar.

Rule 2 – Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, plant-based fats, and seasonings. These will help you to feel full and lose weight.

Rule 3 – Choose flavors that do not add sodium or calories to the food you eat.

There are two phases to the diet. The first phase, the “fast forward” phase, lasts for five days, during which time you are permitted to eat only limited amounts of raspberries, spinach, almonds, eggs, and nonfat plain yogurt (there are also vegan alternatives). Throughout this phase, you can have as many as 1,300 calories per day

During the second phase, the “core plan”, every meal contains a certain amount of vegetables or fruits, lean protein, whole grains, plant-based fat, and seasoning such as cinnamon, vinegar, lemon zest, chili peppers, and garlic.

Sass recommends that dieters eat five vegetarian meals per week and exercise at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, except during the first phase. In addition, you can eat between 50 – 100 calories of dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa, every day.

Food that is off limits during this 30-day diet includes alcohol, soda (even diet soda), red meat, pork.


Dieters who follow the Cinch Diet are likely to lose weight and lower their sodium, sugar, and fat levels, all of which can be beneficial to both health and weight loss. The diet should cost no more than the one-time purchase of Sass’s book and your regular grocery bill. The book contains shopping tips, as well as tips for eating out at fast-food restaurants. The diet is also vegetarian/vegan-friendly, as the book explains how to alter recipes.


While this is a pretty decent diet plan, it may not be for everyone. The first phase of the diet may be too intense for some people, as it not only requires you to drastically limit your diet, but to also dramatically reduce your calories, which may not be safe for some people. The weight that is lost during this first phase will be mostly water weight. You will need plenty of dedication to follow this plan.

Prior to following the Cinch Diet it would first be wise to consult with your doctor about your weight loss goals.

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