Cura Romana Weightloss Plan

by The Diet Critic on May 2, 2012

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The Cura Romana Weightloss Plan is a dieting book written by Leslie Kenton that has been drawing a great deal of attention over the last little while.

The author has already won a number of awards for previous books that she has written on the subjects of beauty and health. Moreover, she is a filmmaker and broadcaster who has written more than thirty books throughout her career, many of which have made their way onto the bestseller lists. She has also developed a line of products that include the Estee Lauder Origins line.

The Cura Romana Weightloss Plan claim is that if you use it, then it will assist you in losing up to seven pounds every week until you are able to reach your goal weight. It says that it works in a safe, fast, effective, and revolutionary way in order to help dieters to transform their appearances, as well as enhance their lifestyle and boost their energy levels in both the immediate and long-term futures.

The way that the Cura Romana Weightloss Plan works is through a process with three steps:

  • A low calorie fast track diet designed to jumpstart the dieter’s weight loss. This diet is combined with the use of a natural, hCG homeopathic spray that has been formulated to encourage the use of stored fat as energy to be burned.
  • Once you have reached an “acceptable” weight, then the next step of the program offers an eating plan. Kenton provides a certain amount of detail regarding the foods that can and cannot be eaten on this program. It emphasizes the effort to reestablish a normal, healthy, and balanced eating habit so that the benefits that are achieved will be maintained over the long term, instead of only for the length of the diet after which the weight will return.
  • The third step concentrates on the spiritual element of weight loss and overall health by offering a number of basic techniques that are meant to help to encourage creativity, the achievement of an emotional balance, and to simply contribute to wellbeing in general.

Leslie Kanton also offers the Cura Romana Journey Program, which is a 9 or 12 week program that comes complete with book, essential spray and online support features. The drawback to these programs for most people will be their cost, which is $299 and $479 respectively, at the time of this review. However, the high cost of these special Cura Romana programs is of no surprise when you realize that the required hCG spray retails at $79.99 for a 24-day supply.

  • The author has a well established and positive reputation in the beauty, health, and self-help industries.
  • The book focuses not only on immediate results, but also on future maintenance.
  • It concentrates on healthy low-cal eating as opposed to starvation.
  • It includes a spiritual/emotional element that is often missed in many diet plans
  • There have been some negative reviews from those who have tried this diet
  • Not everyone is comfortable using a homeopathic spray to support weight loss
  • The spray is very expensive and not proven to promote weight loss

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A. Amos May 15, 2012 at 11:57 pm

If you are into spending lots of $$ on “homeopathic sprays” then this might be a diet that appeals to you. For me as soon as I realized that there was a catch, I opted out. The diet just sounds to gimmicky to me.


Kyra June 9, 2012 at 7:44 pm

If you have the kind of money you need for this program – hundreds of dollars to use it plus hundreds more per 24 days of the homeopathic spray – then you should have the money for a nutritionist and personal trainer who can help you to learn how to lose weight and keep it off instead of using cura romana weightloss plan that is unproven.


Merv December 16, 2012 at 11:57 am

This product is insanely expensive. I bought it because I thought it might be a “you get what you pay for” type thing, but no, I had no results whatsoever. I’m hoping to get my money back from the Cura Romana Weightloss plan because I am very disappointed in it.


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