Elite Burn Review

by The Diet Critic on October 10, 2018

Elite Burn Review

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Elite Burn is a weight management complex from Invictus Labs. Elite Burn is said to be a premium weight loss formula enriched with caralluma extract. According to the official product page, when this review was written, caralluma extract “has been proven to not only shed extra pounds but also keep them off.” This is quite the bold statement for a dietary supplement.

Elite Burn has been formulated to support thermogenic weight loss, suppress appetite naturally, and block carbs to prevent the formation of fat. More specifically, it supposedly helps the body burn fat through a natural thermogenic mechanism, helps to suppress appetite to prevent excess calorie intake, and works as carb blocker to help thwart future fat synthesis.

The only ingredient in this formula at the writing of this review was Caralluma Fimbriata. There was 1200 mg of this ingredient per 2 veggie capsule serving.

The directions are to take 2 capsules daily. Users are cautioned not to exceed this 2 capsule dose in a 24 hour period.

Elite Burn Pros

Elite Burn contains only one ingredient within its formula. With only one ingredient, there is typically a lower risk of multiple adverse side effects and a greater chance that the desired effects will result.

As for the herb itself, caralluma is a cactus plant native to India. The belief is that it helps to decrease appetite when ingested. Some early research has shown that taking caralluma may reduce food intake, feelings of hunger and decrease waist size.

Elite Burn Cons

Although early research has found that caralluma may be beneficial for appetite suppression and in reducing weight, other research has found that it has no affect on these things and does not appear to have an effect on the reduction of weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat or hip size.

In short, there is insufficient evidence for its ability to effectively impact weight loss. As such, the only conclusion that can be drawn, until further, long-term studies can be conducted, is that there is no proof that taking caralluma will, in any way, benefit your weight loss efforts.

Even if it were to help with appetite suppression, it would still be up to you to follow a diet reduced in calories and engage in regular exercise in order to see measurable weight loss results.

While it is unlikely that any serious side effects will result from taking caralluma as directed and as a dietary supplement, such as in the case of Elite Burn, common mild side effects that may result from taking this herb include stomach upset, stomach pain, intestinal gas and constipation. That being said, these effects usually go away after a week of use.

Prior to taking the Elite Burn fat burning supplement, err on the side of caution and speak with your doctor first.

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