Full Time Burner Review

by The Diet Critic on March 14, 2018

Full Time Burner Review
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Full Time Burner is marketed as a full-time fat burner for both men and women. It is a dietary supplement that combines all natural ingredients to help users of the product lose weight quickly and effectively. This product can reportedly help boost your energy and suppress your appetite. It can speed up your metabolism to help your body burn more fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

When this review was written, each of the bright blue Full Time Burner capsules was composed of the following ingredients: Niacin and the FT Burn Proprietary Blend (Guarana, Yohimbe, Green Tea, Cinnamon, Greater Galangal, Gugglesterones E & Z, Naringin, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Asian Ginseng).

The directions are to take one capsule with each meal. Users are cautioned not to exceed more than 3 capsules in a 24 hour period. What’s more, according to its product description on Amazon, where Full Time Burner is sold, this energy supplement can be taken for weight loss maintenance or as a pre-workout supplement. Each pill should be taken with a full glass of water. This product is also best used when combined with a healthy calorie-conscious diet and a regular exercise program.


On the positive side, Full Time Burner does contain several ingredients that have been researched for their effects on weight loss, such as green tea, caffeine (found in green tea and guarana), niacin, and ginseng among others. Moreover, due to the fact that it does contain ingredients with caffeine, there is a good chance that this product will provide an energy boost, which may help with additional calorie or fat burning, particularly when combine with conventional weight loss methods.


Unfortunately, there are more cons for this product than there are pros. For starters, the product directions are very limited. While it says you can take up to 3 pills per day and you can take them with meals, it doesn’t say that you should avoid taking this product in the late evening or before bed, even though it contains more than one ingredient with a stimulant (caffeine).

Taking these pills too close to bedtime could result in disrupted sleep or insomnia. Furthermore, caffeine may cause other unpleasant side effects, such as headache, upset stomach, jitters, restlessness, mood swings, anxiety etc.

None of the ingredients in this product have been proven effective for weight loss. Keep in mind that just because something my help you burn fat, this doesn’t mean the fat that is burned will result in weight loss.

Finally, this product should be avoided by pregnant and nursing woman, anyone who is sensitive to caffeine or yohimbine alkaloids. Speak with your doctor before taking Full Time Burner.

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