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by The Diet Critic on December 27, 2010

i diet reviews
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The “i” Diet, previously called The Instinct Diet, is a book which goes into great detail in explaining why its author, Susan B. Roberts, believes that other diets fail and why some diets should be considered nothing more than scams. The book then goes into detail about how an individual dieter can go about designing his or her own diet, which will be much more likely to create successful results. Using the methods outlined, the “i” diet claims that dieters will lose an average of 30 pounds while enjoying a diet that is healthy and hunger-free.

According to Roberts, there are five primary instincts which have an impact on weight control and that by examining the ways in which those instincts affect a given individual it can be determined how that person can use those instincts to diet more effectively in a way that will allow them to lose as much or as little weight as they desire. Equally, the book illustrates how the dieter can keep his or her weight off by using his or her own instincts. This book doesn’t just give instructions to the dieter, but instead examines why other diets might make certain suggestions so that the dieter can understand whether or not that is the right technique in that individual case.

The “i” Diet encourages the consumption of meals based on a combination of simplicity and variety. It also demonstrates how scheduling meals can assist with weight loss and outlines what each meal must contain for best weight loss results. Fried, processed, and snack foods are not prohibited by The Instinct Diet as they are in many other types of diet. Essentially, with this diet, no foods are completely forbidden, and the allowed recipes range from no-cook meals to vegetarian, and even desserts. The book itself costs $25 and additional diet-specific products are not required.


The benefits of The Instinct Diet are that it gives the dieter full control over the design and goals of the diet. Equally, though, it is up to the dieter to realize that he or she is wholly responsible for the success of this diet by taking advantage of the knowledge provided. The dieter is educated about the difference between a good and bad diet and can take as much time as needed to develop the right program for his or her individual needs and expectations. The “i” Diet book provides over 100 recipes and a wide range of weekly menu options, making it easy for most people to follow regardless of their abilities in the kitchen.


The downside of The “i” Diet is that it does not acknowledge the importance of a proper activity level as an essential part of healthy weight loss. It would achieve much faster and rewarding results with the help of exercise as a part of the dieting process.

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Lia March 19, 2012 at 10:23 am

This book title sounds like it’s trying to take advantage of the popularity of Apple products! That said, I also don’t like any diet that claims to be healthy and doesn’t include physical activity in its focus.


Lizzy November 20, 2012 at 1:26 pm

LOL that’s funny!


Paige April 13, 2012 at 12:18 am

I lost 9 lbs in 10 weeks following this diet. I have been trying to rid myself of this weight for years, and this is the only diet that actually did it. I love how the menu is structured (I need structure as I can’t be left to my own devices) each day has meat or vegetarian option, and within that, there are options for home cooking or prepared foods. So everything is pre-planed, but there are options within the stucture.


Brenda October 6, 2012 at 6:29 pm

I really love this diet. Finally, something that gets me to where I want to be without having to starve myself!


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