Park Avenue Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on October 15, 2014

Park Avenue Diet Review
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The Park Avenue Diet is a short-term low calorie weight loss plan that comes from Stuart Fischer, MD. The diet is designed to assist a person in achieving a lifestyle makeover to help them not only feel better, but look good. Dr. Fischer offers advice on diet, fitness, beauty, fashion and more.

The program lasts for 6-weeks and consists of three stages:

• “Inviting Success” – This is the self-discovery phase and it lasts for 2 weeks. Dieters are provided with Dr. Fischer’s basics that cover seven areas of image reinvention, which are to be gradually added to the person’s daily routine.

• “Preparing for Greatness” – In this stage (the third week), dieters are to continue following their new diet and practicing the new skills they have previously learned.

• “Making the A-List”- For the last three weeks, the diet is continued and exercise is increased.

The Park Avenue Diet is highly restrictive. Every day, dieters are permitted three meals, one snack, and a desert. They are also required to drink plenty of water to maintain hydration. Total caloric intake for the day should be anywhere between 1,200 to 1,500 calories. Dieters are to eat controlled portions that primarily consist of vegetables, fruits, brown rice, lean proteins, pasta, and certain dairy products. All sweets should be eliminated, including artificial sweeteners, fruit juice, milk, and alcohol.

The weight loss program does provide exercise recommendations that cover the full six weeks, with workout intensity slowing increasing over time. The amount of weight dieters can expect to lose per week is one to two pounds.


A diet that is low in calories and is combined with regular exercise will typically result in weight loss. The Park Avenue Diet book includes recipes and menu plans. Dr. Fischer offers self-confidence and beauty advice that is unique to his program that can be beneficial for building self-esteem. This weight loss plan encourages exercise. Exercises can be done at home and there isn’t any special food required, so this diet is budget-friendly.


As stated before, the Park Avenue Diet is highly restrictive. Dramatically reducing calories and eliminating sweets may be difficult for some people. Furthermore, a significant reduced caloric intake, in addition to exercise, can leave a person feeling hungry and tired. There is a very high chance that when a person is finished the program that they will regain the weight they have lost by resorting to old eating habits because there is not maintenance plan provided with this weight loss program.

It is important to first speak with your medical practitioner before drastically changing your diet and significantly lowering your calorie consumption.

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