Personality Type Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on November 30, 2016

Personality Type Diet Review
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The Personality Type Diet is a weight loss plan created by Dr. Robert F Kushner, who is an obesity expert specializing in nutrition and weight loss. He developed the diet for the average dieter with a busy schedule.

As its name suggests, the focus of this diet is placed on identifying a person’s individual traits and habits and how to help dieters achieve better health through personalized, small and gradual changes.

Essentially, the diet has been designed to help dieters identify what type of eating, exercising and coping habits they have. It helps them learn what their emotional and internal conflicts are that may be hindering their weight loss efforts. For some people these challenges may include a tendency to procrastinate, low self-esteem and poor attitude toward physical activity, etc. Once the dieter figures out their specific challenges they can work on overcoming them.

This diet requires the purchase of “Dr. Kushner’s Personality Type Diet” book. It begins with answering 66 questions about your habits and feelings toward exercise, eating and other subjects. Based on the answers you provide, you will discover which of the personality types you are that have been identified by Kushner. For instance, you might be a “No-Time-to-Exercise Protester”, a “Hearty Portioner” or a “Nighttime Nibbler”.

For each personality type you will receive sensible tips and advice on how you can improve you eating and exercise habits.

No foods are off limits on this diet, but some should be consumed more than others. For instance, good foods to fill up on whenever possible include fruits, vegetables, high-fiber whole grains, lean poultry and fish. Foods that should be consumed in moderation are red meat, alcohol and high-fat, high-cholesterol and high-sodium and high-sugar foods. Whenever possible, try to eat snacks and desserts that are reduced-fat or reduced-calorie items. Deserts should be purchased in individual servings instead of keeping them on hand at home.

The plan also includes tips on how to build up an exercise program.


Following the Personality Type Diet can lead to weight loss and better overall health. Understanding your habits and behaviors toward food and exercise can help you to make changes that work for your lifestyle, which can lead to weight loss and improved health.

This diet also offers a sensible and healthy eating approach without requiring the dieter to make massive restrictions on what they can and cannot eat. It may also be good for those who have high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Following it can results in a good balance of exercise, food and nutrition.


If you’re looking for a quick weight loss fix or if you eat out more than you eat at home, this diet is likely not the answer for you. It may also not be an ideal choice for individuals who have diabetes as its focus is on weight loss and does not offer enough guidance for diabetics.

Although this diet heavily focuses on the consumption of vegetables, it is not designed for vegetarians, vegans or individuals who are seeking to avoid gluten. That being said, it can be modified to suit these dietary needs. You would simply need to figure out these food substitutions on your own.

The Personality Type Diet is one that you do solo. If you struggle with diet changes and altering the foods you eat, it would be wise to seek additional support or choose another lifestyle-based diet that provides you with the additional support that you need.

Overall, the Personality Type Diet may be a smart and healthy approach to weight loss for many people. The structured yet flexible plan can be adapted to fit personal preferences and may be ideal for those seeking a long-term weight loss plan.

Before starting this diet or any other diet for weight loss, be sure to first consult with your doctor.

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