Slim Bomb Review

by The Diet Critic on October 4, 2014

Slim Bomb review
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Slim Bomb is a weight loss supplement from Slimming Solutions and it has been around for nearly a decade in the UK. It is a popular diet pill known for its distinct bright blue color. It consists of a blend of three herbal ingredients that include: Cha de Burge, Green tea leaf extract, and Caffeine.

This product is a fat burner that has been designed to increase a person’s metabolism, boost their energy, and reduce appetite. Those who take it are instructed to take four of the gelatin capsules daily, two capsules around 10 in the morning and two around 3 pm. An entire course length is 40 days. According to the FAQ on the official product page, users can repeat the course if they have not yet reached their ideal target weight.

Also, according to the same FAQ section, the average amount of weight lost after an entire 40 day course is 14 pounds, with some people losing more and some losing less. There is no specific diet or exercise recommended to be carried out in conjunction with these diet pills. One bottle contains 160 capsules, covering 40 days.


Slim Bomb can be purchased online for a reasonable price, especially considering some individuals may only require one bottle. Its ingredient green tea has undergone clinical human studies and some evidence has been found that it may aid in weight loss. Equally, caffeine has been found to be effective for boosting metabolism. Therefore, this herbal supplement may cause weight reduction in some people.


At the time this review was written, there was no official website for Slim Bomb, but it does have its own small product page on the Slimming Solutions website, which contains limited information about the supplement. There is also no evidence that this supplement’s specific formula was ever used in clinical trials to determine its efficacy for weight loss. Therefore, there is no solid proof that it is an effective diet pill.

In addition, while green tea has been found to be effective for reducing weight in certain cases, sufficient quantities are required for there to be any real results. Equally, Cha de Burge has not been studied enough to make the weight loss claims made about it factual. Furthermore, this product contains caffeine, which can lead to unpleasant side effects in some people, such as headache, digestive upset, jitters, nausea, and insomnia, to name a few.

Although you do not require a doctor’s prescription to obtain this diet pill, it is strongly recommended that you first speak with a healthcare professional before taking Slim Bomb.

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