The Fast Metabolism Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on September 26, 2018

The Fast Metabolism Diet Review
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The Fast Metabolism Diet is a weight loss program designed to give your metabolism a boost and encourage it to work harder and faster, essentially improving your fat burning capabilities. It was created by celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant, Haylie Pomroy. Those who want to follow it can pick up Pomroy’s book “The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight.”

Pomroy is hailed as “the metabolism whisperer” and believes that revving up and improving metabolism to turn it into a fat burning machine, is about eating the right kind of foods.

This is not a starve-yourself, carb-free, vegan, or a give-up-all-the-foods-you-love diet. You’re not going to ban entire food groups or count calories or fat grams. On the contrary, The Fast Metabolism Diet is actually about eating food. You will eat three full meals and a minimum of two snacks every day. Essentially, you rotate what you eat throughout each week, based on a plan that has been carefully created by Pomroy, to bring about precise physiological changes that will ignite your metabolism.

The diet is split up into three phases:

Phase 1: “Unwind” – This should be followed for days 1 and 2 and requires dieters to eat low fat foods as well as high-glycemic foods and moderate protein. All fats are too be avoided during this phase.

Phase 2: “Unlock” – On days 3 and 4 you eat only high protein, low carb and low fat foods. Mostly it’s about proteins and “alkalizing” vegetables.

Phase 3: “Unleash” – On days 5 to 7 you focus on eating healthy fats, moderate carbs and protein and low-glycemic fruit.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Pros

On the plus side, this diet focuses on eating whole foods and doesn’t require you to skip meals. It is not a detox diet or a diet that is ultra-low in calories. You should be able to obtain the food that you are required to eat at your local grocery store.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Cons

Although this diet is not highly restrictive, it does require dieters to follow each phase to the letter and avoid eating certain types of foods during certain phases, which may be too challenging for some people.

More importantly, this is not a proven diet. Pomroy’s claims about revving up and “surprising” your metabolism by eating the foods in her phases to ignite fat burning, is entirely unfounded. Essentially, what is known about metabolism is it is how a person’s body turns what they eat and drink into energy. The only thing that seems to accelerate metabolism for the long-term is exercise. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn when you are at rest.

While muscle mass, genetics, age, calorie intake, hormones (thyroid in particular), sleep patterns, and body size can affect the speed of your metabolism, Pomroy’s The Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t likely to have any effect on the speed of your metabolism.

Still, if you feel that this diet is worth trying, do speak to your healthcare provider first – as you should before making any major changes to your diet – to make sure it is the right fit for your lifestyle.

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