The Morning Banana Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on November 17, 2015

The Morning Banana Diet
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The Morning Banana Diet, which is also called the Asa-Banana Diet, comes from Japan. The idea behind this diet is for dieters to eat more fruit and to pay attention to their hunger levels and their fullness. Dieters are also encouraged to keep a diet journal. Additionally, obtaining proper rest is critical for this diet.

There is no one specific Morning Banana Diet. That being said, there are certain rules that are commonly followed in regard to this diet. For starters, the diet includes three meals and an afternoon snack. You can pretty much eat just about anything with a few exceptions. This is not a highly restrictive diet.

For breakfast, you are to eat raw bananas and drink room-temperature water. You can substitute other fruits, but only one type of fruit is permitted per meal. For lunch and dinner, you should eat as you typically do, but you are encouraged to make healthy food choices and to avoid those that are less so, such as fried and process foods. For your mid-afternoon snack (around 3 pm), you can enjoy something sweet. While fruit is ideal, it is fine to enjoy treats such as chocolate or cookies, but potato chips, ice cream, and donuts should be avoided. This is the only time of the day that you shouldn’t deny yourself a small treat.

You should never overstuff yourself at any meal. The general rule is to stop eating once you feel 80% full. Dessert should not be consumed after any meal, and dinner should be eaten prior to 8 pm.

Foods to avoid while on the Morning Banana Diet are dairy products. Alcohol can be consumed on occasion. Preferred beverages include room-temperature water or mineral water and they should be consumed more than any other kind of beverage.

There are no specific exercise recommendations other than to walk ever day without causing yourself stress. Sleep is very important. To ensure proper rest, you should be in bed by midnight and should not eat four hours prior to bed.


The Morning Banana Diet may be beneficial to those who are slightly overweight and who are looking for a practical way to ingest fewer calories.


It is unlikely that those who are seeking significant fat-loss will see much weight loss improvement while following this diet. Furthermore, in spite of its popularity, there is no proof that this diet will dramatically benefit those who want to lose weight.

Before following this diet, it is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider to find out if it is a practical option for your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

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