The Rice Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on September 16, 2014

The Rice Diet Review
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The Rice Diet is not a new lifestyle diet program. It has been in existence since 1939, but it became popular once again when the book ‘The Rice Diet Solution” was published in 2006. The program was originally founded by Dr. Walter Kemper, who was a Duke University physician at the time. Kemper created it to help treat high blood pressure and kidney disease. The Rice Diet is a world renowned weight loss method. There is even the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic, which follows the teaching of Dr. Kemper and is based in Durham, North Carolina.

Dieters using this program lose weight by reducing their calories, fat, sodium, sugar and protein. According to the plan, following it will also detox and cleanse the body. Furthermore, it will achieve all of this without the dieter feeling hungry.

When following this healthy lifestyle diet, a person is not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages. Each day, they eat a serving of starch, fruits, vegetables and non-fat dairy. Other acceptable foods include lean protein, such as low-salt beans and whole grains. There are three phases to the diet. During the first phase, dieters are limited to 800 calories per day. Eventually, daily caloric intake is increased to 1,200. Exercise is recommended.

The average amount of weight that is lost when following this weight loss program during the first month, according to the book mentioned above, is 20 pounds for women and 30 pounds for men.


Following the Rice Diet, it is very possible for a person to lose weight. There are different books, including a cook book that is very useful in providing followers with many recipes. This diet is low in sodium, which can help to reduce blood pressure. It is also low in fat, which can also lower cholesterol. Substitutes can be made when following this diet to make it gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan friendly. It doesn’t cost anything but your groceries.


This diet is highly restrictive and may be very challenging to follow for some. More importantly, the Rice Diet requires those who follow it to dramatically lower their caloric intake. People who are on a diet that is 1,200 calories or less should be monitored by a medical professional. There is no proof that his particular weight loss program is more effective than others.

It is strongly recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider before attempting the Rice Diet.

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