The Step Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on January 6, 2015

The Step Diet review
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This is a weight loss plan and book that focuses on counting steps and not calories. While it does involve watching what you eat, it is not a strict diet plan and concentrates more on teaching dieters how to make healthy lifestyle changes by providing them with guidance on how to permanently change their eating and exercise habits. The premise behind the diet is fairly straight forward. The goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day and reduce food portions by a quarter. In essence, move more and eat less. The Step Diet is not a short-term diet plan. It is a life-long plan designed for weight loss and weight maintenance.

The book, which is called “The Step Diet: Count Steps, Not Calories To Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever”, was written by James O. Hill Ph.D, John C. Peters Ph.D, Bonnie T. Jortberg M.S. R.D. and Pamela Peeke M.D. Drs. James O Hill and John C. Peters are co-founders of America on the Move and are both considered weight loss experts. Hill also co-founded the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and is a well-respected researcher of obesity.

The Step Diet is a 12-week program split up into 6 different stages. While healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, low-fat dairy and healthy fats are encouraged, it is up to the dieter what they eat. Whatever they do eat, they are to reduce their usual portion size by 25%. At the beginning, dieters work toward a 2,000 steps per day goal and eventually increase this goal to the ultimate 10,000 steps per day target. Detailed charts are provided for both women and men to help them calculate how many steps are required to help them balance out the additional calories consumed from favorite foods.


Neither the book nor the diet strategy is new, but it is a well-tested weight control program that was created by experts based on 25 years of research at the University of Colorado. The only costs linked to this diet are the one-time purchase of the book, which can be found at a low-cost online, a good pair of walking shoes and your regular grocery bill. The book also apparently comes with a pedometer to help easily keep track of progress. Following this plan typically results in the average dieter losing between 1 and 2 pounds per week.


Some people who require a highly structured diet may find the Step Diet difficult to follow. Those who require strict guidance on what they should or should not eat or meal plans may also struggle with this diet. In addition, weight is lost gradually not quickly.

Overall, this appears to be a very practical weight loss program for dieters of just about any weight who are looking to drop pounds, improve their overall health and fitness, and maintain fat loss. That being said, it is always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before you make any changes to your diet where weight loss is concerned.

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