Xedra-Cut Slim Packs Review

by The Diet Critic on May 5, 2015

Xedra-Cut Slim Packs review
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Xedra-Cut Slim Packs is a diet supplement that comes from USN. It is in the form of a powder that is added to a liquid so that the user can drink it once the powder has dissolved. It promises to improve energy, support the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels, and help users maintain a “normal macronutrient metabolism”. Essentially, it is designed to help those who take it to shrink their waistlines and assist them in getting rid of unwanted fat without the amount of time and effort that would be required if they were to engage in an exercise and diet regimen without this product.

The ingredients in this product include: Garcinia Cambogia, Fucoxanthin, 5-HTP, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Natural Caffeine, Green tea, Bitter Orange, Evodia Rutaecarpa, Yerba Mate, N-acetyl-Ltyrosine, and Glucuronolactone.

At the time when this review was written, the official product website sold Xedra-Cut Slim Packs for £29.99 (roughly $50). Each box contains 40 sachets of berry-flavored powder. According to the directions on the package, users are recommended to take 2 – 3 sachets per day. The first dose should be a half hour before either breakfast or a morning workout. The second should be taken 30 minutes before lunch. For each dose, users are directed to mix one sachet into “500ml of mineral water and shake well.”


Xedra-Cut Slim Packs are taken in the form of a drink, which may be good news for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills or who may be looking for a weight loss pill alternative. It contains clinically studied ingredients, several of which can be found in many other weight loss products on the market.


This product has high caffeine content and users are cautioned not to take a dose after 4pm. Taking caffeine too close to bedtime could cause problems sleeping and insomnia. In addition, this supplement contains synephrine, which is within the bitter orange, and is also a stimulant. The FDA has released a health warning that this substance can be dangerous and increases the risk of serious side effects, such as heart attack and stroke, and should be avoided.

Furthermore, Xedra-Cut Slim Packs may be too expensive for the average dieter, especially if taken over the long term. The reason is if a user took the recommended twice per day dose, the supplement would cost $150 per month and if they were to take the maximum recommended dose (3 sachets per day) it would jump the monthly cost up to $250.

The bottom line is that Xedra-Cut Slim Packs may not be a practical weight loss solution for most people. However, if you are considering taking it, you would be wise to first consult with your doctor.

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