Yacon Syrup Review

by The Diet Critic on November 3, 2014

Yacon Syrup review
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Yacon Syrup is a weight loss supplement that is in the form of syrup and not a pill. The claim is that this product helps a person lose weight by suppressing their appetite, which means that the will eat less and, as a result, consume fewer calories.

Yacon Syrup should only contain one ingredient – pure yacon syrup extract. If there are any other ingredients listed in the product, you should question why these other ingredients are there. This is important because there is more than one Yacon Syrup product on the market. If you decide that this weight loss supplement is right for you, choose the purest product.

Yacon is a root that is found in the Andes Mountains in South America. When used in the diet supplement, it is an indigestible fiber that passes through your system. It provides you with a feeling of fullness, so you are likely to eat less. As stated previously, the syrup is indigestible and will be eliminated from your body.

Each spoonful of syrup only contains 20 calories and is designed to help you feel fuller faster. While you should adhere to the recommended dosage directions on the product label or as prescribed by your doctor, generally speaking, the recommended dosage is a small amount, such as a single teaspoon taken an half an hour or an hour before eating a meal, three times per day (one dosage before each major meal).


Yacon Syrup has received many positive reviews, with users claiming that the product does help to reduce their appetite. There is more than one Yacon Syrup product on the market, which gives you the chance to choose among different manufacturers to find the one you like best and find the best deal. Since it is in a liquid form, it can be easily swallowed, which may be beneficial for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. There is only one ingredient, which reduces the risk of adverse side effects.


It is important that those who take this product carefully follow the dosage instructions. Those who take a larger dose than is recommended may experience side effects, such as nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, gas and stomach pains from excess gas. Furthermore, since Yacon Syrup can come in more than one form, in different strengths and from more than one supplier, it is important that you find the best supplement that comes from a reliable and trusted source.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in losing weight, taking Yacon Syrup may not be enough. Following a calorie-controlled diet and engaging in regular exercise may be needed in addition to taking this supplement to achieve effective weight loss results. It is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider before taking this product.

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