Zantrex-3 Review

by The Diet Critic on December 2, 2014

Zantrex-3 review
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Zantrex-3 is a dietary supplement manufactured in the U.S. by Zoller Laboratories. This product supposedly helps people lose weight by providing them with a boost in energy, which helps users to exercise more, so they will burn more calories and fat. Some of its ingredients also assist in appetite control, which results in lower food consumption and further reduction of calories. In other words, it is meant to work as both a fat burner and appetite suppressant. The manufacturer claims on the official product site that it leads to “546% more weight loss than the leading ephedra-based diet pill.” This claim is entirely based on “Zantrex-3’s active weight-loss component.”

The ingredients in the Zantrex-3 formula include: Niacin and the Zantrex-3 Proprietary Blend, which is made up of Yerba Mate (leaf) Extract, Guarana (seed) Extract, Trimethylxanthine, Damiana (leaf) Extract, Green Tea (leaf) Extract, Kola (seed) Extract, Schizonepeta (flower) Extract, Black Pepper (fruit) Extract, Rhodiola crenulatat (root) Extract, Asian Ginseng (root) Extract, Maca (root) Extract, Cacao (seed) Extract, and Black Tea (leaf) Extract.

According to the official website for the Zantrex-3 product, the directions for weight loss are for users to take one or two capsules with a full glass of water 15 minutes prior to main meals. No more than six tablets should be taken in a 24-hour period. This product is meant to be used with a “sensible” diet and exercise program and individual results will vary.


The product has an official website that provides customer testimonials, dosage directions and the ingredients list. It is available for purchase on the official site for $39.99, which is a good value when compared to similar weight loss products on the market.


At the time this review was written, no clinical studies have been mentioned or listed in regard to Zantrex-3 or its ingredients on the official product site. There is absolutely no proof that this diet supplement will aid in weight loss or does anything that it claims to do. This product contains several stimulants (ex. gaurana, yerba mate, green tea, black tea, cacao trymethylxantine, etc.). The more stimulants that are present within a product, the greater the risk of unpleasant side effects, such as shakiness, headache, nausea, mood changes, constipation, upset stomach, and sleep troubles, among others.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the formula is made up of a long list of ingredients, it is unlikely that there are adequate amounts of each ingredient to produce anything other than a stimulant effect. Additionally, considering the recommended dosage (6 capsules per day), many users are likely to experience stimulant side effects.

It is also important to point out that this pill has been previously surrounded in controversy. Back in 2013 there was a lawsuit involving this product when a woman claimed that reality television star Snooki was paid to endorse Zantrex-3 after Snooki had credited the diet pill several times for helping her drop a huge amount of weight and recommending it to others. The woman who filed the lawsuit claimed that the pills did not work for her and that the weight loss claims were false.

It is strongly recommended that you first consult with your healthcare provider before taking this product.

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