Almased Review

by The Diet Critic on August 11, 2015

Almased review
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Almased is a powdered supplement for weight loss that is meant to be mixed with water and taken as a replacement for a meal. According to the official website for the product, it contains “all-natural ingredients and scientifically proven formulas.” The claim is that it is an effective solution for weight loss that increases energy without depleting muscle mass. It supposedly helps to support weight loss, as well as proper nutrition.

Almased contains three ingredients: fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder, and honey. According to the manufacturer, it is made up of all the important nutrients the body requires, such as essential amino acids and enzymes, which help to make digestion easier. Furthermore, this product is gluten-free, is non-GMO (genetically modified organism), and does not contain any preservatives, added sugars, or artificial fillers or flavors.

To take Almased, users are directed to mix the appropriate amount of the powder (approximately 8 level teaspoons) in 10 to 12 ounces of bottled water, skim milk, soy milk, or almond milk. Users are instructed not to mix the powder with hot liquids or hot water, as this will apparently destroy the formula’s fat burning effects. That said, it is recommended that users add 1 to 2 teaspoons of flaxseed, olive, canola or walnut oil to each shake to ensure essential fatty acids have been included. Flavoring the beverage with vanilla or almond extract, cinnamon, ground flaxseed, and unsweetened cocoa powder is also allowed.

A single shake is one meal replacement and should keep you full for approximately 4 hours. It is supposed to help you avoid cravings and support blood sugar levels.


This may be a good weight loss aid for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills, or who are looking for a meal replacement. It is also recommended that those who take Almased eat a calorie-controlled diet (500-700 calories per meal), and engage in regular exercise 5 times per week. Following a calorie-controlled diet and engaging in regular exercise can lead to weight loss. In addition, the official website for this product does contain plenty of information for users who are interested in learning more about it.


While the manufacturer claims that the formula has been clinically tested, which sounds good, it doesn’t say that Almased has been clinically proven to work. There is a big difference between a formula that has been tested and one that has been proven effective. Thus, there is no guarantee that this product will do what it says.

Furthermore, while taking Almased, you are encouraged to follow an Almased weight loss plan, and most of these require you to replace most meals with a shake. This is not a healthy way to diet over the long-term and this sort of dieting can cause your weight to fluctuate.

If you’d like to try Almased, it would first be prudent to speak with your healthcare provider.

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