Beslim Review

by The Diet Critic on June 30, 2015

Beslim Review
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Beslim has been designed as an over-the-counter weight loss treatment for excess weight. It is marketed as a fat binder, which is a type of fat blocker. The manufacturers of the product claim that it can bind up to 800 times its own weight of fat. The molecules in the Beslim formula bind to the fats in foods like fried foods, pizza, cake, etc. so that the body cannot absorb them and store them as fat. Instead, they pass through the body’s digestive system and are eliminated from the body as waste.

According to the official site for Beslim, the formula contains Chitosan and KiOnutrime-Cs, which is a non-animal chitosan. However, if there are other ingredients they are not mentioned, as at the time this review was written, the website did not provide a supplement facts sheet or any other details related to the formula.

What is known about Chitosan is that it is a type of fiber that comes from the shells of crustaceans. It can block the absorption of some dietary fat and cholesterol. However, studies that have been conducted on this ingredient have found that in relation to weight loss, its effects are minimal. Likewise, KiOnutrime-Cs supposedly produces similar fat binding results.

Each package of Beslim contains 60 capsules. Users taking the product for weight loss are instructed to take 2-3 capsules twice per day, 15 minutes prior to a main meal. Those who only wish to control their weight are to take 1 – 2 capsules twice per day, 15 minutes before main meals. Users should take Beslim as part of a fat conscious diet.


Following a healthy calorie-conscience diet, avoiding high fatty foods, and engaging in regular exercise can help reduce and control weight.


There is not enough information provided about this product to determine its effectiveness or safety as a weight loss treatment. At the time this review was written, the official website contained very few details regarding the product and lacked an ingredients list.

Although the site claims that there have been “many clinical studies on chitosan and its properties” it does not provide any of these studies to back up its claims. That being said, studies have been conducted on this substance and found that chitosan had minimal effects on weight loss. Furthermore, participants of studies have complained of side effects including gastrointestinal problems, constipation, and diarrhea.

Prior to taking Beslim it would first be prudent to speak with your health care provider.

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