Buji Tea Review

by The Diet Critic on January 13, 2016

Buji Tea review
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Not all weight loss products come in the form of diet pills. In fact, some come in the form of teas, like Buji Tea. Weight loss teas have gained in popularity in recent years and are popular because they are seen as a low calorie and healthy alternative to unhealthy beverages. Buji Tea products, also called a “Teatox” are marketed as 100% organic weight loss and detox teas. The official product site claims that they are made with the highest quality organic tea and that they have been “specifically sourced and formulated to assist with weight loss, detoxification and optimum body function.”

There are three different types of Buji Tea blends:

Sunrise Detox Tea – This tea is recommended for a morning or mid-afternoon energy boost. It contains go ji berries, yerba mate, sencha green tea, dandelion leaf, chamomile, ashwagnada root, rose flower, lemon grass, celery leaf, and acai powder.

Skinny Dip Weight Loss Tea – This tea is meant to be taken in the morning and its ingredients include: garcinia cambogia extract, yerba mate, sencha green tea, lotus leaf, chamomiles, pu’erh leaf, cassia seed, and lemon grass.

Siesta Cleanse Tea – A calming tea designed to soothe before bed and help to provide a restful sleep. Its ingredients include: Sencha, chamomile, oolong, lotus leaf, lemon grass, cassia seed, senna leaf, jasmine blossoms, rose petals, and lavender.

The Siesta Cleanse Tea is part of both the Skinny Dip Weight Loss and Sunrise Detox programs. Users are instructed to drink 1 Skinny Dip teabag ever morning and 1 Siesta Cleanse tea every second night, or 1 Sunrise Detox every morning and 1 Siesta every second night.


Buji Tea products are sold for a relatively decent price and are shipped worldwide from Australia. Individuals looking for a non-pill oral weight loss product will find it easy to take. The manufacturer does not claim that the tea will help you to lose weight on your own. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy weight loss plan.


Deotox products for weight loss are rarely a good idea. The reason is there is no need to detox your body, as your body already contains vital organs that are designed to naturally expel toxins from your body, such as your kidneys and liver. Both of the Buji Tea Teatox programs involve drinking teas that contain diuretics, laxatives and stimulants. This means that users are likely to experience an increase in urination and potential diarrhea. While this will expel water weight for a short term, it also increases the risk of dehydration. It is important to maintain healthy hydration levels when taking diuretics and laxatives.

In addition, there is no clinical evidence that Buji Tea can actually assist with weight loss. None of their teas contain any proven weight loss ingredients.

Before taking these teas, you should make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (keep in mind that chamomile is a part of the daisy and ragweed family and is not recommended for anyone with these allergies or who has asthma). You also should ensure that you are not taking any medications or have any health conditions that may negatively interact with these teas. As a safety precaution, it is best to first consult with your doctor prior to taking Buji Tea.

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