The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Review

by The Diet Critic on January 23, 2020

busy persons guide to weight loss reviews
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The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss is the title of a book which was written by Dr. Melina Jampolis, M.D. It is marketed toward people who want to become healthy and lose weight at the same time.

The author is labeled an expert in nutrition and diet, as well as being a CNN correspondent for nutrition and fitness. This book was created after Dr. Jampolis carefully observed the successes of her own individual patients and then assembled a plan that is designed to work for people who have a busy lifestyle.

What This Guide Has to Offer

The book helps to establish a way to lose weight even when a person is living with a long-term busy schedule. After all, busy people are highly prone to neglecting their health in areas that are easy to let slide. It is too simple to forget to eat well and to let exercising slide when you barely have a free moment.

In fact, a study that focused on young adults found that the number of hours worked per week was linked with time-related beliefs and behaviors regarding healthful eating.

The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss provides realistic strategies for staying on target if you lead a busy lifestyle. These tactics include:

  • A program that is easily tailored to fit individual dieting requirements
  • Healthy menu ideas that are also flavorful and quick for eating in
  • Helpful dining options for eating out
  • Time saving strategies that can help a follower maximize his/her results

According to the book, these strategies help to allow a busy person to manage weight loss and establish a healthier lifestyle, without having to sacrifice additional time which is already too scarce.

More to the point, it targets seven different areas that educate the dieter about what is needed for losing weight in very little time. Some of these targeted areas include:

  • Strategies for increasing activity levels
  • Ideas for meals
  • Tips for dealing with behaviors
  • Challenges in the real world
  • Maintaining weight loss 

The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Pros

There are a number of benefits associated with this weight loss guide. For instance:

  • Written by a nutrition specialist – The benefits outlined for the plan in this book include the fact that it was written by a medical doctor whose specialty is in nutrition and diet. Additionally, there are actual case studies available to show the plan’s results with real patients.
  • Gradual weight loss – The program encourages slow but steady weight loss so that it is more likely to be fat than muscle which is lost in the diet.
  • A sensible plan for busy people – The program was designed for people who have busy schedules after observing other patients who have busy lives. It allows the dieter to continue eating their favorite foods, but to do so appropriately.
  • Encourages activity – Beyond a reduction in calories, it also encourages an increase in activity levels, which is essential to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It can be customized to a person’s unique life and time needs. 

The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Cons

Although this diet plan does offer many benefits, some people may be discouraged by the slow rate of weight loss. Additionally, other drawbacks include:

  • Case study results are not realistic – Though the plan is customizable, it is not as easy to tailor the plan to a person’s life as it was for the people in the case studies who were able to meet with Dr. Jampolis in person.
  • Dated information – The book was published in 2008, which makes it over a decade old. The information that is provided may not be the most optimal for today’s busy people.

When this review of The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss was created, the book could be found at most major book retailers as well as on Amazon in eBook, hardcover and paperback formats. That being said, keep in mind that while you may choose to purchase and read this guide, the information inside should not replace the advice of your personal healthcare provider. Prior to making any drastic lifestyle changes to your diet, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor.

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Gina March 24, 2012 at 10:15 am

I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way and at first I found this to be a little frustrating because you really don’t see pounds just flying off or anything. But I was consistently losing 1 to 2 pounds per week, so after a while I realized that the diet isn’t hard, I felt healthy and great, and I was still losing weight every single week, so actually it was way better than a lot of others. I still use its principles.


Ron May 28, 2012 at 6:23 pm

This worked very well for me. I’m too busy for faster weight loss. This gets it off over time.


Kevin November 19, 2012 at 1:50 pm

There wasn’t much substance to this. Maybe the author was too busy to write it all 😉


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