Capsiplex Review

by The Diet Critic on April 30, 2018

Capsiplex Review
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Capsiplex is a non-prescription fat burner diet pill. A popular product on the OTC weight loss market that has gained plenty of media and celebrity attention, Capsiplex is manufactured by Advanced Health Ltd. It is considered to be a very powerful fat burner. The official online product page states that it is a “clinically proven pro slimming formula” and dieters can “lose weight & burn fat with only 1 pill a day”.

Capsiplex works by boosting metabolism and burning the fat from ingested food at a faster rate than is typical for the body. The manufactures claim that you can lose up to 278 more calories daily.

The Capsiplex formula consists of Capsicum Extract, Caffeine, Niacin, and Piperine (black pepper extract). The main ingredient is capsicum, which comes from hot chili peppers. It is believed that this substance has a powerful effect on the body, particularly when it comes to boosting energy and metabolic rate. Both capsicum and caffeine are believed to have strong fat burning effects.

Capsiplex Pros

At the time of this review, the official website for Capsiplex contains detailed information about the product and its ingredients. It also mentions clinical studies and provides references for these studies. There is an FAQ section, testimonials, and you can purchase the product by selecting from different order options, directly from the website. Considering it is a high-rated OTC diet supplement for weight loss, Capsiplex is reasonably priced compared to other diet pills in its class. By combining this supplement with exercise and a calorie-conscious diet, it is possible that it could help you lose weight for the short term.

Capsiplex Cons

While the official website mentions clinical studies that have been conducted on the ingredients within the formula and on the formula itself to determine its effects on humans, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that Capsiplex is effective for weight loss. Furthermore, any weight loss experienced while taking this supplement is likely to only last for the short therm. Like most fat burners, this is not a long-term weight loss solution.

Capsiplex’s main ingredient, capsicum extract, may cause stomach upset, due to the fact that comes from hot chilies. In addition to stomach irritation, it may also cause sweating, hot flashes, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. This product also contains caffeine. Those who have adverse reactions to stimulants may experience side effects that include: rapid heartbeat, insomnia, jitters, headache, gastrointestinal upset, irritability, etc. At the time of this review, no money-back guarantee is offered.

Prior to taking this product, it is highly recommended that you speak with your medical practitioner.

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