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The online diet program called is a website that offers an approach to weight loss based on the Personality Type Diet by Dr. Robert Kushner.

This diet program requires users to complete a questionnaire that includes seventy questions and that determines your dieting “personality”. The questions examine everything from the individual’s physical activity levels and preferences to their eating habits and tastes, as well as overall emotional well-being. This questionnaire provides the foundation of’s weight loss program, as it is Dr. Kushner’s belief that a single cookie-cutter approach will not suit every person, and that an individual’s response to various dieting techniques will depend on his or her personality.

For this reason, the principle is that the only way a weight loss program can be truly effective is to make sure that each individual’s diet personality has been properly suited by the techniques that are used.

After completing the questionnaire, users will be assigned one of three different personality types, which are:

  • Exercise Personality
  • Eating Personality
  • Coping Personality

According to Dr. Kushner simply giving up on a diet plan is the most common cause of failure to meet weight loss goals, and that the reason that they give up is that their personality does not properly align with the efforts that they are making. By using the programs that are specifically suited to an individual’s personality type, needs are better met, and challenges are less likely to become overwhelming.

Though its options are somewhat limited, does provide a significant amount of support and information to help guide the user and keep him or her on track to ensure that weight loss goals are achieved. It also provides its users with additional resources such as product reviews, expert blogs, tips, articles, and even videos.

The Exercise Requirements

Due to the personalized nature of the program, the workout is customized to the specific needs of the individual, based on the results of the questionnaire. Though the fitness plans have been pre-designed, the user has the choice of which one they would like to use, based on the program’s recommendations. It also allows users to assemble their own workout combinations in order to achieve their specific fitness goals. Moreover, users can use the fitness tracker feature of in order to record and follow their progress and watch how many calories were burned throughout each workout. If the user wishes to target specific areas of the body, the fitness plans allow for that, as well.

The exercise personality determined by helps each user to come up with a 4-step customized weight loss workout plan that is specific to that personality. While some of the exercise plans may require nothing more complex than the use of a pedometer to help understand and keep up with the number of necessary steps walked every day, others may be more involved and require Pilates, yoga, aerobics, or Tai Chi either at home or at a class.

The Food Requirements

The personality test at also helps to determine the different eating habits you currently have as well as those that you prefer. This way, is capable of personalizing a meal plan that is created specifically for the user’s needs. As the meal tracker is included with the exercise and weight trackers, this allows the user to benefit from all three features at the same time. The meal tracker element allows an individual to actually have a look at everything that is consumed in a single day in order to gain a better understanding of what, how, and when they eat on a regular basis. It also includes a calorie and fat counter to better comprehend the types of foods that are being consumed.

With this service, also offers a database that contains more than one thousand recipes that are easily searchable by caloric and fat levels, as well as categorized by cuisine and course. This allows a user to, for example, search for a main course of Italian cooking that is under 350 calories. Among the added features that can help to guide user is an online dining out booklet, as well as tips for creating the right meals in a small amount of time, which works well for the user with a busy lifestyle.

What Else Does Offer? isn’t just a weight loss plan. It also offers additional tools and features such as the community, which allows users to communicate among one another in order to share successes and struggles, support one another and better take advantage of what the program has to offer. Moreover, the three tracker features allow for better analysis of behaviors and needs and a clear record of progress that has been made. The online diary feature permits users to record the way they feel each day, helping them to better know themselves and remain motivated throughout their efforts to lose weight.


Overall, makes a sincere effort to personalize the weight loss process in order to ensure that the individual’s need are being met and that the diet is structured in a way that most accurately reflects the way in which an individual prefers to function.


The only drawback to using is that it is very secretive about the program’s cost. It is only at the end of filling out extensive information about yourself and agreeing to join a mailing list that you learn the true cost – which is $19.95 a month plus a one-time membership fee. It would be much better if was upfront with the cost of their memberships and programs.

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Maggie April 10, 2012 at 7:38 am is very simple, informational, and handy. I found it well worth the money for a few months.


Todd May 8, 2012 at 4:52 pm

There’s too much swamping the site. It’s confusing


Denise August 20, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I like the way that caters specifically to my own needs and habits so that I can work with my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. This is a very realistic program and it’s convenient through the internet.


Jeremy November 24, 2012 at 7:23 am

I was skeptical when I first joined It looked good but I really didn’t know if it had what it took to actually keep me motivated. I’ve dropped out of a lot of diet plans that looked good on the surface but that really didn’t live up to my expectations because they seemed too hard to do or they didn’t make good common sense when you put them into practice. But I’ve been at this for several weeks now and it really does seem to have the tools and resources as well as the right attitude to keep me going on it without quitting. I’d recommend this!


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