Diet-to-Go Review

by The Diet Critic on May 14, 2018

Diet-to-Go Review
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Diet-to-Go is a home meal delivery diet plan that is designed to help people lose weight. It has been around for over 20 years, providing Americans with a convenient food service that offers meals which are flavorful, healthy and freshly prepared.

Diet-to-Go offers 3 different menus (Traditional, Vegetarian and Low-Carb), 20 different plans and unlimited meal substitutions. Each meal offered is portion controlled, so dieters do not need to worry about over-eating. You simply cook the pre-prepared meal in the microwave and you’re set. Every meal has been carefully created to be low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. Each meal plan offers a 4-week variety of different foods and there is a 1,200 calorie option for women and a 1,600 calorie option for men. Meals are delivered weekly.

Diet-to-Go Pros

It is possible to gradually lose weight (an estimated average of up to 3 pounds per week) with Diet-to-Go, as long as you follow the plan as directed. The official Diet-to-Go website is user-friendly and well designed. It features all of the essential information about the program, including the different menus that are offered, how it works, and customizing plans. You can order what you need directly from the site. Meals can be home delivered to any physical address in the Continental United States. There is even a “Fresh Local Pickup” option for those who reside in certain U.S. States. The site also provides a free diet analysis, a BMI test, community support, expert advice, testimonials, reviews, blog, live chat and a100% satisfaction guarantee.

Diet-to-Go is vegetarian friendly and may be an ideal option for those who lead busy lifestyles and are looking for healthy and quick pre-made meal solutions.

Diet-to-Go Cons

Diet-to-Go is not a cheap program. Although you can choose from different plans, at the time of this review, the cheapest option is the 5-day lunch and dinner (10 complete meals), 1,200 calorie per day, Traditional Low-Fat Diet meal plan. It costs $98.99 per week, not including the $18.95 shipping fee. When you take into consideration this plan only provides five days of lunch and dinner and doesn’t include breakfast, snacks, or meals for the remaining two days of the week, you could easily end up dropping hundreds of dollars a week in food if you’re not careful when it comes to controlling your other grocery shopping expenses. Also, this plan only covers one person, which doesn’t make it a practical option for anyone with a family or a tight budget.

Another problem with this meal delivery plan is that it may not be ideal for long-term dieters because the meals are fixed and cycle every four weeks. Therefore, if used for an extended period of time, dieters are likely to find it repetitive. Even though it is possible for dieters to switch one meal option for another, they are charged an additional fee for this convenience. Moreover, while you can customize their plan, you do not have the option of creating a personalized plan.

Finally, while users are advised to combine regular exercise with Diet-to-Go, no fitness advice is provided.

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