Elimination Diets

An elimination diet is most commonly used to help a person find what sort of foods they are allergic to if they have been suffering from the symptoms of food intolerance. In other cases, it may be used for a nursing mother if the baby appears to be suffering from food allergies. A person choosing to go on an elimination diet will need to talk with their doctor to determine what basic foods they can eat, and it becomes important to also make sure that they receive all the nutrients they need with such a restrictive diet.

Once the doctor believes the system is cleared from possible food contaminants, the person will slowly introduce foods that could be causing them problems. The initial diet is very basic, sticking with foods that do not typically have allergens.

If you are considering using an elimination diet, talk with your doctor about what sort of foods you will be able to eat, along with how long the diet will last. A doctor can tell you whether or not such a diet may be helpful for you, and if any other steps are needed to make it successful, such as a combination of diet and exercise.

Elimination Diets

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