Vegan Diets

Stricter than a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet does not use any animal products or byproducts. This makes it trickier to balance a healthy diet, but with advice from a doctor and significant research, it can be an effective, healthy diet.

Regardless of whether you are trying a vegan diet because you want to lose weight, or if you have some other reason for the choice, a vegan diet will be most successful with a variety of foods and careful attention to what nutrients are required to keep your body healthy. If you are trying to lose weight, a doctor can help you decide between different forms of exercise to best accompany the vegan diet. Multiple studies have shown that exercise and diet combined are the best way to lose weight at a safe, steady rate. You may need to take nutritional supplements depending on the style of your diet and the reason you have chosen a vegan diet.

If you decide on a vegan diet, you may find it helpful to look for vegan diet books for recipe ideas and healthy living that can contribute to the lifestyle and get you to the health goals that you are searching for.

Vegan Diets

The Skinny Bitch Diet Review

April 20, 2018
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Ice Cream Cleanse Review

December 28, 2017
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VB6 Diet Review

November 11, 2014
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The VB6 Diet is a vegan eating plan that requires you to go vegan during a particular portion of the day.

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The Kind Diet Review

September 9, 2014
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The Kind Diet is a lifestyle change that introduces you to the vegan way of eating. It can help you lose weight and improve health.

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The Vegan Diet Review

December 27, 2011
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There are many different reasons for choosing to follow a vegan diet, which primarily include health, ethical, and environmental concerns.

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