Dietrine Carb Blocker Review

by The Diet Critic on February 16, 2012

dietrine reviews
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Dietrine Carb Blocker, also known simply as Dietrine, or as “the carb blocker”, is a type of weight loss supplement that is designed to block the absorption of carbohydrates while boosting energy, increasing the metabolism, augmenting the rate at which fat is burned, and suppressing hunger.

The manufacturers of this pill claim that it is “100 percent safe” as well as being free of stimulants. It is marketed equally toward both men and women.

Though the full list of ingredients is not provided by the official Dietrine Carb Blocker website, it is revealed that the primary active ingredients are Vanadium (which is meant to boost the metabolism of the user), White Kidney Bean Extract, also called Phase 2 ® (which is included for its properties for attaching to sugars and starch so that the body cannot absorb them), and Chromium (which it claims will help with the balancing of blood sugar levels, though the Mayo Clinic reports that there has not been enough study to show that this ingredient has any benefits for weight loss).


Dietrine Carb Blocker is very easy to purchase, as it is available through an official website from the manufacturer. It offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee, which is not a very long period of time, but at least a satisfaction guarantee is offered. Though there aren’t many, some positive customer testimonials are available on the website to support its claims.


That said, there is very little clinical evidence provided by the manufacturer to indicate that the ingredients in Dietrine Carb Blocker, or that the formula as a whole will actually be effective for weight loss. The product has not received an FDA approval as it is labeled as a supplement and not a drug.

It should also be noted that one bottle of Dietrine Carb Blocker contains thirty doses worth of supplements – 60 capsules – as the directions recommend that two capsules be taken before each meal. That said, as most people eat three meals per day, one bottle will typically last for ten days. At $39.95 per bottle on the official website (at the time of this review) the price of one month of use would be $119.85, a cost that is considered to be prohibitive by many dieters.

Though there does seem to be some benefit to the use of Dietrine Carb Blocker in terms of energy boosting, carbohydrate blocking, appetite suppression, and increasing the metabolism of the user, there isn’t very much evidence to show that it is actually effective as a tool to assist with weight loss. As there is an enormous market offering products making similar promises, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before using Dietrine Carb Blocker, as there may be something far more effective to your unique needs (and easier on your wallet) that is also available.

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Ron March 19, 2012 at 10:21 am

I used this along with blood sugar and ketosis strips to see what effect it was having and before and after I ate, I was just where I should be! I think these pills worked just as they should in terms of blood glucose balance. Unfortunately, that didn’t really make me lose very much weight! I only lost an additional 1 pound per week. I was hoping for more.


Maggie April 10, 2012 at 7:36 am

I took Dietrine with a low carb diet I was on, just to make sure that I was getting the most out of it. I didn’t notice a difference.


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