The FAST Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on November 14, 2019

FAST diet reviews
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The F.A.S.T diet is an acronym for Families Always Succeed Together. It is a program that was developed by the Dean family, a family with eight members ranging from 23 years to 59 years old. As a group, they lost five hundred pounds when they used it themselves.

The Dean family then worked with one hundred random volunteers in order to further study their methods and identify the keys to its success. Over the following year, that group lost approximately four thousand pounds together. 

A Common Sense Approach

The philosophy behind the F.A.S.T diet is that packaged diet foods and pills are unnecessary for successful weight loss. It states that when a dieter is working with someone else, they are more successful than trying to lose weight alone. It identifies what they call the ten mistakes that cause people to fail to lose weight and keep it off. It requires participants to release old habits and build new lifestyles even if it is not what they are used to. It stops people from expecting new results when they are trying the same techniques over and over.

The Dean family has travelled throughout the United States in order to spread the message of the F.A.S.T Diet. Since they developed the diet, several groups across more than 46 states have reportedly found success with the program, with the official F.A.S.T Diet site claiming that some groups have lost over 25,000 pounds each. 

Take Part in the Diet Yourself or With Others

The goal of the diet is to encourage all who take part to eat better, exercise more and still hold themselves accountable for maintaining their individual health. At the same time, participants encourage others taking part to stick to their own diet and exercise strategy.

That being said, although the F.A.S.T. Diet was initially created to help people lose weight as a group, you don’t need to do it with a group or someone else to make it work for you. The success rate has to do with accountability.  If you hold yourself accountable long enough, F.A.S.T. Diet founder Tony Dean says it will eventually become a natural part of your lifestyle. 

How it Works

Tony Dean published a book over a decade ago about the program and its success, and although you can still buy it as a digital download, the book is out of print and even Dean says that, while it’s a fun story, you don’t need it to follow the plan.

When you’re ready to start the program you will learn everything that is required to take part during a 90-minuted orientation either by person or by phone. It costs $75 for the first month and $30 for every month after that with no long-term contracts. You can also cancel at any time for a full, unconditional refund with a 30 day notice.

The plan includes:

  • 90-minute quick start orientation (first day).
  • Daily motivation, support and accountability.
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 support from Tony Dean and his team via text, phone or email.
  • Learn how to control your food and still eat the foods you want.
  • Start slow with exercise and make small improvements over time to prevent injury but also to add consistent change.
  • Special help for family problems, holidays, travel days, self-doubt, stress, and other issues that can make dieting hard.
  • Daily tools to prepare you to maintain your success once you’ve reached your goal.

The F.A.S.T Diet Pros

The benefits of the F.A.S.T Diet include:

  • Positive and realistic approach – It is a positive-focused diet created by regular people who wanted the same benefits for themselves. It offers an approach based on common sense in order to lose weight. It also encourages people to stay accountable and obtain support in order to obtain regular motivation and help to achieve weight loss.
  • Transparent program – The information on the website is very no-nonsense, to-the-point and yet respectful and positive. The company very clearly lays out its values, program costs and even goes as far as to say that while the book that was written long ago is still available, you don’t need to buy it to take part. If you have questions before signing up, you can contact support.
  • No gimmicks, pills or special foods – You don’t have to buy any special foods, supplements, etc. to take part in this diet. You don’t have to give up the foods you like to eat, either. It’s about creating a lifestyle that works for you. 

The Fast Diet Cons

Conversely, there are some downside to the F.A.S.T Diet. 

  • Little information about the plan – As much as the site likes to go on about accountability and not being a gimmicky diet, there is very little information about what is actually involved if you should participate. While it’s made clear that all will be revealed in a 90-minute orientation, without knowing any real details about the diet, you essentially need to pay $75 to find out if it’s even worth it. Although you can get an unconditional full refund anytime with a 30-day notice, you still have to go through the hassle of paying first before knowing anything about what’s involved.
  • It’s all on you – Since there is no specific diet or exercise regimen to follow, no recipes, etc. as much as the F.A.S.T diet team will offer you support, some people may find this diet difficult to do on their own.

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Christy March 24, 2012 at 8:29 pm

In terms of a food diet, this is a great idea. It not only lets the family eat healthy, but it lets the kids learn about what they should be eating throughout their lives so that they’re prepared to make the right eating decisions, and it lets the parents be an example, instead of just setting the rules.


marica April 17, 2012 at 10:53 pm

I followed this diet and took phentramin D at the same time and I lost over 20 lbs in one month. This diet really gives you the knowlege to realize what you are eating and how to make better food choices. You also have to be accountable and it gives you the steps to be successful. I had no idea how much I was actually putting in my mouth until I read this book. If you have a family and want to get them on the fast track to healthy eating and LEARNING about foods, then this is the book for it.


Katarjna November 10, 2012 at 2:33 pm

I know this is a program that is meant for families, but I made it work for me and my two roommates! It was hard when we each had our own diets because there always had to be a line of different foods for each of us in the kitchen and it made it hard for us to all eat together. That made the kitchen crowded and it got expensive because we could share less of the grocery bill. This actually worked!


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