High School Reunion Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on February 24, 2016

High School Reunion Diet review
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Do you have a high school reunion or big event coming up that has fueled your desire to lose weight so that you can look your best when you reunite with your past peers? The High School Reunion Diet may be the plan for you. It promises that it can help you achieve your goal of shedding fat and looking great.

Dr. David Colbert, a well-known dermatologist and internist, is the creator behind the diet and the author of “The High School Reunion Diet: Younger, Thinner, and Smarter in 30 Days”. Colbert has designed an entire food diet that will supposedly clean your system of toxins and give you the ability to obtain and maintain beauty and health.

On this diet, you will eat whole fruits and vegetables (no juice), nuts, beans, legumes, seeds, fish, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Foods that are to be avoided include processed foods like white bread and prepackaged snacks. Other off limit items are soda (including diet soda), energy drinks, ice tea, lemonade, beer and hard liquor. For this diet, water is the primary beverage of choice with red wine to be considered fine in moderation.


It is possible to lose weight following the High School Reunion Diet plan, as it requires you to eat more whole foods (ex. vegetables and fruits), whole grains, lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy. Research has shown that making these dietary changes can help you achieve a healthy weight.

Although you will need to change your diet to some degree, on the whole, this low-fat diet does not require users to make any major drastic alterations to their diet, nor does it require them to count calories. The hardest part is avoiding junk food.

Additionally, followers are encouraged to engage in daily exercise and lots of waking. The diet costs nothing more than your regular grocery bill and the one-time purchase of the book, which can easily be found inexpensively online. In addition, on the diet’s official website, you can check out recipes, info about nutrition, among other interesting information.


Any diet that claims it can make you younger, thinner and smarter in one month should automatically be raising your skepticism. That being said, while the High School Reunion Diet certainly isn’t going to make you younger or smarter, it does have a shot at trimming down your waistline, if you follow the plan as directed. That being said, no studies have ever been conducted on this specific diet plan to prove that it actually leads to weight loss.
Finally, dieters who enjoy greater structure to their diet or who like to be able to splurge every so often, or who enjoy the occasional diet drinks, sugary or processed foods, may find this diet a little too challenging. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to first speak with your healthcare provider prior to starting this diet to make certain that it is the right choice for you.

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