HMR Program Review

by The Diet Critic on August 28, 2017

HMR Program review
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The HMR (Health Management Resources) Program, also known as the Healthy Solutions Diet, is a meal replacement weight loss plan that combines healthy eating with physical activity, healthy lifestyle strategies and personal accountability. It was developed over three decades ago by behavioral psychologist and president of HMR, Lawrence Stifler. The aim of this diet is to help followers lose weight and keep it off by lowering calorie consumption with meal replacements as well as added vegetables and fruits.

The theory is that those who follow the HMR Program can lose three times as much weight and keep if off with meal replacements compared to traditional diets. Expected weight loss is roughly 1 – 2 pounds per week with an average weight loss of about 23 pounds over the first 12 weeks. HMR includes two phases:

Phase one – Quick Start Phase. When you begin the diet, your goal is to lose weight as fast as possible. This first phase focuses on the Quick Start diet kit, which includes all the foods you will need for the first three weeks, with the exception of fruits and vegetables, which you obtain yourself. This phase follows a “three-two-five” daily diet strategy. In other words, followers should have a minimum of three HMR shakes, two HMR entrees and five 1-cup servings of fruits and vegetables.

Phase two – The Transition Phase. Once you’ve reached this next phase, it will last for four to eight weeks and the food plan shifts. You will eat some HMR foods and eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables and also gradually add in healthy non-HMR foods that are low in calories. You will learn to balance non-HMR food choices with 14 HMR foods a week. The goal of this phase is to begin building healthy eating habits for long-term weight maintenance.

As far as exercise is concerned, you are to gradually begin adding exercise into your lifestyle, working toward burning 2,000 calories each week. Physical activity is meant to be spread out throughout the day and should include moderately-intense exercise like walking, dancing, swimming, etc. Using weekly progress charts, you’ll track how much you exercise and what you eat throughout the program.


You can certainly lose weight on this diet. Following this program’s diet and exercise guidelines can lead to the reduction of calories from low-calorie foods and exercise, which can produce fat loss. There is also the benefit of eating foods and having meal replacements like shakes. These are pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about counting calories as everything has been done for you.


The major drawback of the HMR Program is the cost. Prepare to drop hundreds when you enter the first phase of the program. At the time this review was created, the initial 3-week Quick Start Kit cost $201.65 and the Healthy Shakes 2-week Quick Start Kit cost $123.50. This means you’re already spending over $300.00 and that’s just for the first few weeks. You’re still encouraged to buy more HMR foods as well as your own food from this point on. Unless you can afford to drop hundreds, this won’t be an ideal plan for you.

Another common complaint among followers of the diet is that the shakes can become boring. There are only so many flavors and after a while, drinking the same thing can leave a lot to be desired. What’s more, this diet will require you to eliminate many foods from your diet and eating out will be very limited. Expect to make quite the lifestyle change if you choose this plan.

With that in mind, remember to speak to your doctor about your plans to make any drastic changes to your diet before you start the HMR Program.

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