Ice Cream Cleanse Review

by The Diet Critic on December 28, 2017

Ice Cream Cleanse Review
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The Ice Cream Cleanse is a diet for weight loss that essentially involves you eating nothing but one pint of specialty ice cream, five times a day, every day, for four days. This four-day cleanse was developed in Los Angeles in Venice, California by popular non-dairy ice creamery, Kippy’s. The ice cream is 100% raw (nothing is cooked or heated) and organic and contains 5 ingredients or less per flavor. The ice cream is non-diary. It is a coconut cream-based with raw honey-sweetened ice cream (or sweetened with organic dates for Vegans).

The Ice Cream Cleanse was created by Kippy Miller, a raw ice cream connoisseur, and cleanse co-creator Guru Jagat, who runs a Kundalini yoga studio. The cleanse begins with a raw coconut cream flavor in the morning. This is followed by the orange creamsicle, then the dark chocolate with Himalayan sea salt, then the lemon and cayenne, and then finishes with the bee pollen, cinnamon and raw honey flavor. Each pint of ice cream has been designed to serve a specific purpose. For instance, the sea salt gives the body iodine, which can be beneficial to the thyroid, while the orange provides vitamin C. According to Miller and Jagat, the raw saturated fat and other nutrients in the ice cream will detoxify your organs, as well as increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.

The ice cream cleanse is meant to be done in conjunction with Kundalini yoga.


If you love ice cream, eating only ice cream for four days may sound great. You are likely to lose weight on his diet, due to the decrease in daily calories.


Beyond getting to eat tasty ice cream daily, there is absolutely nothing good about the Ice Cream Cleanse. This is a fad diet that will not help your weight loss goals, your health or your nutrition. You will not consume enough calories while on this cleanse, and this deficit in calories can cause a deficiency in nutrients. Furthermore, you’ll end up slowing down your metabolism, because if you don’t consume enough calories, your body will go into starvation mode. Once you’re done the cleanse, and you consume more calories, your metabolism will still remain slow, making it so that you not only gain all the weight back, but it’ll be easier to pack on some extra pounds, too.

Finally, you don’t need this ice cream diet to detoxify or cleanse your organs. Your body’s organs naturally detoxify and cleanse themselves and your body. That’s their function. Adding more fiber to your diet and drinking more water will help flush out your system in a far more effective and healthier way than this cleanse. It is strongly recommended that you avoid detox diets or cleanses, such as the Ice Cream Cleanse, if you are seeking healthy long-term weight loss and weight management.

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