Lipofuze Review

by The Diet Critic on February 28, 2019

Lipofuze Review

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Lipofuze is an “extreme weight loss formula” designed to make losing fat even easier. The promise is that it helps you “lose weight and feel more confident,” with five ingredients that are “clinically proven” to eliminate binge eating, boost your energy, burn your fat weight and build sexy, slim, lean muscles.

According to the official Lipofuze product page when this Lipofuze review was written, the five “clinically proven” ingredients in the formula include: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Select Phytosome Green Tea, Irvingia Gabonensis, Caffeine, Coenzyme Q10.

Each bottle of Lipofuze contains a one-month supply, and according to the manufacturer, this product works best when it is used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Lipofuze pros

Lipofuze does contain clinically studied diet pill ingredients. Although these ingredients have not been proven to be effective for aiding in or causing measurable fat loss, certain studies involving some of these ingredients has been promising. For instance, caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant, has been found to boost mental alertness and may boost metabolism, particularly when combined with cardio exercise.

Lipofuze cons

The makers of Lipofuze have made unsubstantiated claims about their product, most notably by claiming that it contains clinically “proven” ingredients. The ingredients within Lipofuze have indeed been clinically studied, but they are not proven for weight loss. Each one of these ingredients is in need of further studied to determine their effects (if any) on weight loss and weight management.

Additionally, it should be noted that on the official product page there are no instructions provided regarding usage directions for Lipofuze. This is surprising and irresponsible as this diet pill does contain caffeine and no information is provided in regard to how much caffeine is in each serving of this dietary supplement.

That being said, as there is caffeine in this product, keep in mind that there are certain unpleasant side effects associated with this stimulant, and there is a greater risk of experiencing these side effects if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you ingest other foods or beverages that contain it. An example of some of these unwanted adverse effects include (but are not limited to): rapid heartbeat, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, headache, upset stomach, etc.

It would be in your best interest to first speak with your healthcare provider prior to taking Lipofuze to make sure that is a safe and smart option for your particular weight management strategies. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing, planning on becoming pregnant, have a health condition, or are currently taking medications or other supplements to treat a medical condition.

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