Medifast Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on May 13, 2014

medifast meal replacement diet
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Medifast is a meal replacement diet. According to the official website, it is a “clinically proven” and “doctor approved” diet for weight loss. Medifast is a three-phase diet program that requires dieters to eat 6 meals per day.

The first phase is “Weight Loss” in which dieters are to follow the “5 & 1 Plan”. This consists of eating five meal replacements from Medifast and one “lean and green” meal that you make for yourself. According to Medifast, by eating these 6 meals a day, you can lose 2 to 5 pounds within the first 2 weeks of following the diet, with the average person losing 1 to 2 pounds each week after the initial two. They also claim that dieters will learn healthy eating habits that they won’t forget.

The second phase is “Transition”. This lasts for six weeks and begins once the dieter has reached his or her weight loss goal. During this phase, dieters slowly add calories back into their diet. Gradually, they go from eating five meal replacements and one non-medifast meal, to four meal replacements and two meals, to eventually three replacement meals and three meals. Extra food is also added to the diet plan throughout this phase.

The third and final phase is “Maintenance”. Dieters are to follow the “3 & 3 Plan” (three meal replacements and 3 “lean and green” meals). Medifast recommends dieters continue with this phase as a lifestyle to keep off the weight that has been lost.

Medifast has over 70 different meal replacements. The meals that you make for yourself should consist of three vegetable servings, two servings of healthy fats, and 5 to 7 ounces of lean protein. There is an approved food list to which you can refer to find out what foods are allowed and which ones are off limits.


You can conveniently order everything you need via Medifast’s official website. There are different plans for men, women and even diabetics. Vegetarians and those with gluten intolerances should also not have a problem following this diet, as there are meal replacements that are suitable for individuals with these specific dietary needs. The official site also has a blog, offers weight loss guides and tools, and gives dieters free access to the Medifast community.


Although it is vegetarian-friendly, Medifast is not a vegan-friendly diet, as most of their meal replacements contain eggs and diary in the ingredients. Furthermore, while this diet is easy to follow, it is highly regimented. Some people may find it difficult to eat six meals per day and eat a meal every 2 to 3 hours. While Medifast does offer a variety of meal replacement options, eventually, eating the same foods can become tiresome. Finally, despite offering free shipping on orders over $150, this is not a cheap diet plan and typically costs over $250 a month.

Before making any drastic changes to your diet, it is first wise to speak with your healthcare provider.

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