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by The Diet Critic on June 6, 2012

slimming world reviews
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Slimming World is an online diet program based in the United Kingdom. It is often used as an example of more complex weight loss options, it is also designed to provide dieters with support on a number of different levels by being quite involved and concentrating on the discovery of various weight loss options that are available and where regular group support can be found.

The Slimming World weight loss community works to bring a sense of unity together with high levels of enthusiasm. Its official website provides group support, as well as advice for building an active lifestyle, tips for eating healthier, and success stories from real people.

Among the features of the Slimming World site are archives of food recipes, exercising tips, a BMI chart, and various web-based tools such as a waistline calculator and a BMI calculator. It also makes it possible for members to attend regular meetings within their local area, where further support, tips and advice are available. The website is designed to provide that same support online between the meetings. This online community doesn’t recommend any form of weight loss drug or dietary supplement, but instead suggests a healthy overall lifestyle with progress tracking in order to achieve weight loss.

The Slimming World organization has been in existence in the United Kingdom since 1969 (naturally, it was not online at the time). It was created by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who says that it was the most advanced UK organization for weight loss. The official website now states that it has helped more than 5 million people with their weight loss efforts, and that this equals a total of more than 60 million lost pounds.

Throughout the UK, there are thousands of weight loss groups held every week by the more than 3,000 consultants who are employed by this organization. Slimming World also has a magazine to which members can subscribe.

Slimming World has just made its first steps into the American marketplace with a U.S. version of the organization. Members can either join online or attend a group if they can find one locally.

  • Slimming World recommends both healthy eating and activity levels
  • It is available in the U.K., but an American branch has just become available
  • There may not be a local group for the required support and advising.
  • The price of membership is not posted on the website so it is unknown whether there are any hidden membership or usage fees.

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Christy June 8, 2012 at 5:19 pm

I’m really looking forward to having Slimming World available in my area. It’s not here yet, but I have a friend in England who raves about how great it is and apparently the prices aren’t half bad there. So hopefully the same can be said about the membership costs here, too. I’ve tried a lot of programs before and haven’t had a lot of luck, but from what my friend has said, this one’s worth it and keeps you good and motivated the entire time. I like how healthy it sounds with both exercise and food parts to it, so that you are less likely to get lazy or try to work around the rules.


Joy July 17, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Love it! It’s great!


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