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by The Diet Critic on February 18, 2012

sparkpeople reviews
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SparkPeople is a diet website at, which offers its visitors free information and tools in order to help them to lose weight. It has an extensive library of data and resources relating to nutrition, exercise, and motivation, as well as blogs and chat rooms which encourage the participation of the site users. Moreover, it offers access to a network of medical experts, personal trainers, and nutritionists who are available at all times to assist site users with their efforts to lose weight.

In addition to using the site on a more generic level, site users can also register – for free – and can log into their accounts in order to track their progress with their weight and track their meal and food consumption. This is furthered with the chat room and forum access on the website which allows individuals to share their successes and setbacks so that they can support one another, motivate one another, and provide each other with feedback regarding various efforts that have or have not been successful for them. Many of the users of the site benefit from the free menus, recipes, and regularly updated articles for the latest knowledge regarding nutrition and weight loss products, as well as product reviews for more information regarding the specific experience that some consumers have had with those products.

There is no specific diet plan, supplement, or pill recommended by SparkPeople to the users of their website. There are no specific food brands, meal delivery, or pre-packaged foods involved. It requires the site user to choose his or her own weight loss methods and track his or her own progress, but provides recipes, calorie counters, advice, tips, expert assistance, and other online tools in order to help people to more easily achieve their weight loss based on whatever diet they happen to choose.


Advantages of the site are essentially that SparkPeople is completely free to use, it can be accessed at any time of the day, and while it is not a diet program in itself, it provides tools that are fully customizable within an individual’s account, for better understanding of their efforts and tracking of their progress.


The disadvantages of SparkPeople are that much of the advice tends to have a leaning toward a diet that limits carbohydrates while encouraging greater protein consumption – which is not appropriate for everyone and may not be appropriate over the long term after the weight has been lost. Though it does focus on losing weight, it does not provide regimens or advice for individuals who are severely obese. Some of the user comments about the site have suggested that some of the tools can be user-unfriendly at times or in order to achieve certain goals. Though experts are listed as being available at all times to answer questions, those answers are not provided right away.

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Lia April 9, 2012 at 7:11 am

This is a clever site. It’s handy, highly informational, and convenient. I’m just not sure how up to date or accurate it is. It looks pretty good, though.


Katherine September 5, 2012 at 3:29 am

This diet reminded me a lot of atkins when I first started with the website. Sparkpeople has made some important changes to it, though, that make it a lot easier to follow. I couldn’t do the other diet, but this one was pretty good.


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