The Fat Smash Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on June 6, 2015

The Fat Smash Diet review
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The Fast Smash Diet comes from Ian K. Smith, MD. It is a four-phase, 90-day weight loss program that was created to help a person who is seeking to lose weight to “smash” their bad habits and to make healthy diet and exercise lifestyle changes that are permanent.

Originally, the diet was developed by Smith after he became a weight loss consultant and judge for Celebrity Fit Club, a popular VH1 television program. Initially, the diet and exercise program was created for the celebrities on the show who were attempting to lose weight. Later, in 2006, Smith published his book “The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need,” sharing the diet he had designed with the public.

The aim of the diet is to eradicate bad habits, but still enjoy food without overindulging. The diet is split up into the following four phases:

The “detox” phase – this makes up the first 9 days of the program. During this phase, you essentially adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and focus on consuming meals that mostly consist of fruits and vegetables. Meat, fish, pasta, and alcohol are all off limits.

The “foundation” phase – This stage lasts for three weeks. During this time, you can incorporate more foods into your diet. Therefore, along with fruits and vegetables, you can eat meat, fish, and some healthy fats and grains.

The “construction” phase – The third stage lasts for four weeks and more food variety is introduced, with emphasis placed on controlling food portions.

The “temple” phase – This is the final stage of the diet and it is the one that is intended for you to follow for the rest of your life. At this point, more foods are included in your diet.

You will be expected to exercise and workouts will grow in intensity and length with each phase. You will begin with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, and gradually add more. In the last phase, weight training is introduced.


It is possible to lose weight following the Fat Smash Diet, due to the diet restrictions and the amount of exercise that is required. Furthermore, in order to follow this diet, Smith’s book should provide you with mostly everything you need. Among other benefits, it contains over 50 different recipes. This book can be easily found online for a reasonable price.


The Fat Smash Diet requires a person to follow a strict dieting regimen that may be quite challenging for certain individuals to follow. During the first phase of the diet, followers virtually become vegetarians, which may prove to be too difficult of a lifestyle for some people to adopt. Furthermore, you will be expected to partake in a lot of physical activity, and the amount of exercise required will increase with each phase, which may be too intense for the fitness levels of certain people.

For this reason, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor prior to starting a new diet for weight loss that will require you to make such drastic changes to your lifestyle.

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