The Kind Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on September 9, 2014

The Kind Diet review
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The Kind Diet is a vegan-style diet and book from actor and celebrity Alicia Silverstone. In her book, “The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet”, Silverstone explains how to become a vegan, which she claims will make you look and feel good, while bettering your health at the same time. Becoming a vegan means eliminating all animal products from your diet. This includes meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Essentially, if it comes from an animal, you don’t eat it.

There are three phases of the Kind Diet to help an individual make the transition to veganism at his or her own pace. They are as follows:

• Flirting – certain meats are slowly replaced with plant-based foods.
• Going Vegan – with the exception of certain substitutes, all animal products are eliminated from the diet.
• Superhero – only whole grains and produce are eaten.

Fruits and desserts are allowed in small portions as long as they contain the approved sweeteners. For instance, honey and white sugar should be avoided, but maple syrup, molasses, and fruit are allowed. As for whole grains, vegetables and beans, the more in-season and local, the better. Silverstone also recommended limiting caffeinated beverages and alcohol.


Studies have found that following a vegan lifestyle can lead to weight loss, due to the fact that those who consume a diet absent of animal products are not ingesting animal fats. Moreover, on the whole, vegans pay more attention to what they eat, which can make it easier to control calories. The book provides dieters with the necessary guidelines to follow the plan and also offers numerous recipes. It is inexpensive to follow this diet. All that is required is a copy of the book, which can be found and purchased at a reasonable price online, and your regular grocery bill. Silverstone has her own website called “The Kind Life”, which, according to the site, is an “interactive extension” to her book. It offers more information about veganism, recipes, living green and more.


The Kind Diet is not an ideal weight loss strategy for all dieters. While it is possible to lose weight following this plan, it will require a significant lifestyle change and could dramatically alter a person’s diet, which could be too much of a challenge for some people to handle. Furthermore, no exercise is discussed or recommended in the book. It should also be kept in mind that Alicia Silverstone is not a medical practitioner or a registered dietitian. It is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare professional about this diet if it is your intention to follow it.

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