The New Beverly Hills Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on December 11, 2017

The New Beverly Hills Diet review
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The New Beverly Hills Diet, is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Book by Judy Mazel. Within its pages, Mazel writes about an eating plan that claims if you know when to eat different food types, you’ll lose weight. The book is also an updated version of The Beverly Hills Diet, originally published in 1981.

Although Mazel ran a weight-loss clinic in Beverly Hills until her death in 2007, she had no training in nutrition or science. Instead, she focused her practice and book on the concepts she personally used to lose 72 pounds. According to Mazel, by retraining your digestive system with a fruit-based diet for 35 days and following this up by sticking to strict rules about how to combine fat, protein and carbohydrates, you can lose 10 to 15 pounds in 5 weeks and keep losing weight until you become “skinny”.

Essentially, for the first 35 days you’ll primarily eat fruit (e.g. only watermelon on Day 17 and only grapes or cherries on Day 22). There are also certain days during this 35 starting period where you will eat only protein.

After the 35-day period, The New Beverly Hills Diet requires followers to eat within the limitations of four “conscious combining” principles. These include:
1. Fruit should always be eaten by itself and you should wait an hour before eating different kinds of fruit.

2. Protein can be combined with fat but never carbohydrates.

3. Carbohydrates can be mixed with fat but never with protein.

4. Red and white wine are considered to be fruit while other alcoholic beverages like spirits and beer are carbohydrates. Champagne is considered “neutral” and can be ingested with any kind of food.
Artificial sweeteners, artificial butter products like margarine, non-dairy creamer, and additives should be avoided.
As for portion suggestions, there are none. You can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the rules of the plan.
As for exercise, Mazel suggests you take two exercise classes per week. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do. What’s more important is that you enjoy it.


If you follow this diet you will lose weight only because it is very low in calories. Beyond purchasing The New Beverly Hills Diet book, this diet doesn’t cost anything beyond your food shopping.


Although the average person will lose weight following this diet, it is unlikely that the average person will continue to lose weight over the long-term or maintain their weight loss. The reason is that this diet will be extremely hard for many people to follow. The first 35 days alone will be tough enough to get through due to the massive food restrictions. Moreover, The New Beverly Hills Diet is not nutritionally sound.

Furthermore, Mazel gives a lot of questionable advice about calories, exercise, digestion and combining food. When it all comes down to it, you will find no useful information that will help you lose weight and keep it from returning.

Individuals who have diabetes, are at risk of diabetes or who have other health problems, should avoid this diet, as it will affect the body’s ability to consume fructose in high quantities.

While there are healthier and more practical weight loss diets that you could try, if you would like to try The New Beverly Hills Diet, it is strongly recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider.

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