The No Diet Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on May 27, 2018

The No Diet Diet Review
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The No Diet Diet is not as much of an actual diet as it is a “lifestyle”. It does not provide dieters with a specific diet program that has restrictions or involves calorie counting or carb watching. In fact it doesn’t even target specific foods. The No Diet Diet’s strategy for weight loss has nothing to do with dieting; it is about learning how to eat healthy and break bad eating habits.

The No Diet Diet can lead to both weight loss and weight management, but losing weight isn’t the goal of this diet. The goal is improving health. Weight loss just happens to be one of the effects. No claims are made that rapid weight or fat loss will occur. Following this plan will not lead to anyone losing weight fast. On the contrary, it is a long-term lifestyle that will lead to weight loss over time as the dieter makes healthier eating choices.

The theory is that by eating healthy, people will eliminate their excess body weight and, furthermore, that it is better to gradually decrease body weight by consuming food in moderation, rather than undergoing extreme dietary changes in an attempt to lose many pounds in a short period of time.

To follow this diet plan, you will require the book, “The No Diet Diet: Do Something Different”, written by Professor Ben Fletcher, Dr. Karen Pine and Dr. Danny Penman.

The No Diet Diet Pros

Weight loss can be achieved when following The No Diet Diet. How much weight is lost and how effective this program is depends on the individual. Most people should be able to follow it because there are no significant dietary restrictions. It’s not about changing what you eat for a meal, but changing your whole outlook on how you eat and how you live. The purpose is to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is very achievable.

The No Diet Diet Cons

Dieters looking for a fast weight loss solution will not be impressed with The No Diet Diet. You will not lose weight at a rapid rate following this plan. It is not a quick fix. Therefore, anyone looking to drop several pounds in a few weeks won’t be satisfied with their results. Moreover, you are encouraged to learn more about the foods you eat, which takes a certain level of commitment that will not interest some people who prefer to be told what and what not to eat, when to eat it, and how much to consume. In addition, some healthy foods, especially rare food products, may be expensive, which could lead to higher grocery bill.

Overall, The No Diet Diet a relatively practical diet plan for long-term weight loss. Remember, before making any drastic changes to your diet, you should first speak with you healthcare provider.

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