The Sonoma Diet Review

by The Diet Critic on August 13, 2017

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If you want to follow a diet plan that promises to trim down your waist and improve your health in as little at ten days, the Sonoma Diet may be of interest to you. This diet was named after California’s well-known wine country and was created by Connie Guttersen, R.D., PhD. Guttersen designed the diet to help dieters lose weight by overcoming sugar addiction and to teach followers of the diet to satisfy their cravings by consuming healthy foods.

The Sonoma Diet is divided into three phases called “waves”. Each wave requires dieters to follow specific guidelines.

The first wave lasts 10 days and during this period, dieters are encouraged to avoid eating processed foods and high fat foods, such as butter, chips, bacon, etc. Dieters are also to avoid other foods and beverages containing sugars (as well as natural sugars), like fruit and some vegetables as well as juice and wine. Some of the permitted foods during wave 1 include walnuts, eggs, soba noodles, eggs, spices and lean beef.

The second wave lasts for as long as it takes you to reach your goal weight. During this wave, you will continue to eat the foods you ate during the first wave but now you will be able to add some natural sugar back into your diet, including some fruits and more vegetables. Plus, up to 6 ounces of wine is permitted per day and you can also enjoy the occasional sugar-free treats.

The third and final wave of the Sonoma Diet is the one you will make a regular part of your lifestyle to maintain your weight. You will still continue to limit your consumption of hydrogenated fats, packaged and fast foods, but you are encouraged to experiment with different fruits and are allowed to enjoy full-fat sweets on a rare occasion.


The Sonoma Diet places focus on encouraging dieters to eat nutritious and flavorful “power foods” like bell peppers, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, almonds, olive oil, whole grains, etc.

What’s more, Guttersen’s book – “The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer waist, better health in just 10 days!” provides detailed meal plans, recipes, helpful tips and even portion control guidelines to make it easier to control how much food is put on a plate.


Although the Sonoma Diet may help you to slim down, in many ways, this diet is highly unrealistic to adopt as a lifestyle for most people. The first wave of the diet is highly restrictive and many people may find it difficult to make such a radical change to their diet, particularly if this means giving up all their favorite foods.

More important, such a drastic change in diet may also not be safe for certain individuals as it is likely to throw the body into shock and the calorie limitations may be too low for some people.

Overall, the Sonoma Diet does not seem to be a sensible long-term diet for the average person. But, if you are interested in giving it a try, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider first to ensure that it is a safe choice for you.

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