The Weight Loss Cure Review

by The Diet Critic on September 7, 2016

The Weight Loss Cure Review
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The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About is a book and weight loss plan from Kevin Trudeau, an American author, infomercial salesman, entrepreneur and convicted fraudster (yes, you read that correctly).

The Weight Loss Cure is divided into four stages and the entire treatment lasts for 96 days, which is followed by a maintenance routine. Essentially, the program functions something like this:

Phase 1 – you’ll be following a 30 day preparation phase, which requires you to follow a strict and rather ridiculous regimen such as drinking one gallon of water a day infused with coral calcium, sunbathing naked for 20 minutes a day, going to bed at 10 pm sharp and rising at 6 am each morning, doing a liver cleanse, doing a yeast cleanse, taking filtered showers, and the list goes on and on.

Phase 2 – this lasts for 45 days and during this phase you’ll only be allowed to ingest 500 calories per day, will be taking supplements and will be giving yourself daily injections of hCG (human chronic goandotropin) a hormone produced by pregnant women by placenta cells. Trudeau claims that the hCG will help even out your weight loss and make you trim and perfect.

Phase 3 – Lasting for 21 days, this phase is similar to phase 2 except without the injections and you can eat more foods.

Phase 4 – Is all about cleanses, eating only organic food and following a whole mess of other rules. This is the life-long maintenance phase.


While it is possible to lose weight following this diet, the recommendations followers are provided are misleading, extreme and not altogether safe. Nothing positive can be said about The Weight Loss Cure.


It should come as no surprise that the biggest downside to The Weight Loss Cure is that the man behind the book and the program was found guilty of making false claims in his weight loss book. He and the companies that marketed his book were fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for being in contempt of a 2004 court order by “deceptively claiming in his infomercials that the book being advertised establishes as weight-loss protocol that is ‘easy’ to follow.” In 2007, a U.S. judge ruled that Trudeau clearly misrepresented the difficulty of the diet that was described in his book in his advertising and that by doing so has mislead thousands of consumers. Trudeau was convicted of fraud in 2014 and is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence.

Aside from the false claims made by Trudeau in the book and hid infomercials, as for the plan itself it is not only ridiculously hard to follow but it allows for only 500 calories per day for the full 45-day program. This is an extremely low calorie diet and diets with so few calories are only prescribed by a trained weight loss specialist who monitors the dieter’s progress. Rapid weight loss that is caused by the drastic caloric restrictions recommended in Trudeau’s diet can result in serious health complications.

Furthermore, the plan requires followers to take supplements, detox and to take daily injections of hCG. Not only has hCG not been approved for weight loss, hCG diet products are illegal. There is no evidence that taking this hormone will lead to weight loss, especially since the FDA has pointed out that usually diets involving hCG are very low in calories, which is what actually causes loss in weight.

While you can still purchase The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About online, it would be wise to consider a more sensible diet program for weight loss. Talk to your doctor about options that would better suit your lifestyle and needs.

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