Trim Kids Review

by The Diet Critic on August 27, 2018

Trim Kids Review
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Trim Kids is a 12-week weight loss program designed for overweight children and teens. It is a book written by Melinda S. Sothern (Ph.D., M.Ed, C.E.P), T. Kristian von Almen (Ph.D), and Heidi Schumacher (R.D., L.D.N, C.D.E.). Its purpose is to educate parents, so they can teach children on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle that will help them lose and manage weight, as well as help them develop a positive self-image.

Every week, for 12 weeks, parents and children practice different ways to positively set practical exercise and eating goals and improve daily activity. The book contains meal plans, comprehensive shopping lists, tips when dining out, kid-friendly exercise activities, and “kid-tested recipes”.

Trim Kids teaches parents basic education regarding healthy eating habits and behavior. Some of the subjects discussed include: eating until feeling full, lowering calories, increasing fiber and reducing the amount of sugary foods in the diet. The recommended exercises include fun activities, such as dancing.


According to its book cover, Trim Kids is a “proven 12-week plan that has helped thousands of children achieve a healthier weight” and it is “scientifically tested”. The plan has been designed realistically, keeping the lives of busy families in mind. It teaches parents about exercise, nutrition, and behavioral changes that are necessary to support positive and healthy child weight loss. This weight loss program encourages children to have fun so following it doesn’t feel like a chore. It does not require diet pills or supplements. The book provides all of the information and tips required to complete the program and it can be purchased at a reasonable price from various reputable online sellers.


At the time of this review, no official website for Trim Kids was found. The Trim Kids diet plan requires parents to be very dedicated. The book is not a short read. It contains over 400 pages of advice and information. Some parents who have tried it have complained that the advice given for lunches is impractical, because they are limited to what they can give their children to take to school. Also, it is important for parents to pay attention to how their child reacts to this diet plan, both physically and emotionally. A child who has never known his/her weight to be a problem may suddenly become very self-conscious of their body image and this could lead to more serious problems in the future. Mental distress is not always easy to recognize.

Before making significant changes to your child’s diet or putting your child on a weight loss plan, speak with their healthcare provider. Children involved in any weight loss program should be monitored by their doctor.

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